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Paul DiAnno. Iron Maiden (1978–1981) Part 1/3

Publicat in: 11.07.2013, 06:52AM
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Etichete: Battlezone, Gogmagog, Iron Maiden, Killers, Lone Wolf, Paul Andrews, Paul Dianno, Praying Mantis, The Beast Is Back Tour
Paul DiAnno. Iron Maiden (1978–1981) Part 1/3

Paul Andrews (b. May 17, 1958, in Chingford, London), better known as Paul Di'Anno, was the first prominent vocalist for Iron Maiden (1978 - 1981).

In his post-Iron Maiden career, Di'Anno has issued numerous albums over the years, as both a solo artist and as a member of such bands as GogmagogBattlezonePraying Mantis, and Killers.

In the first part of the Interview we talked about his numerous bands and collaborations.

CZBLone Wolf/Di'Anno. How were you maturing as an artist?

Paul Di’Anno: I wasn't sure where the fuck my head was at that time

CZBBattlezone recently released a 3 album box set. How do you feel about re-releases that group two or three albums together at a cheaper price as a method of counterattacking piracy and free mp3 downloads?

Paul Di’Anno: Basically I don't give a shit because I never get paid a penny in royalties so I don't care.

CZB: 1985. Why do you consider Gogmagog never took off?

Paul Di’Anno: ‘Cause it was shit.

CZBBattlezonePraying MantrisKillers. These band names do not reveal a friendly, good-natured personality. What reasons would you have to be upset or frustrated as to find these bandnames to play under?

Paul Di’Anno: Well Battlezone and Killers were my bands and those names reflect my feelings ... however I Only made a short term Guest appearance with Praying Mantis because I was totally broke at that time, so that name has nothing to do with me.

CZBPraying Mantis regrouped for the Japanese, who wanted a ten-year anniversary tour of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. What was your initial reaction to the project and what impression did Japan leave on you?

Paul Di’Anno: Like I said ... I made a guest appearance with Praying Mantis just for the money, as that type of music is really not my kind of thing at all. Kind of like having some teeth pulled out by the dentist ... you know you have got to do it, but you would rather not do it really.

Japan is a very Cool place.

CZBKillers BMG $250,000 contract. You did a Showcase gig for record company reps. You played early Maiden songs. BMG were unaware that these songs had been recorded previously. In your mind's eye, were you laughing your head off?

Paul Di’Anno: I thought it was fucking funny, so I just played the game


CZB: Is The Beast Is Back Tour your longest so far?

Paul Di’Anno: Yeah, it is and this year 2009 is a total of 131 shows.


CZB: Being a young industry, most acts in Romania do not work with managers. In what ways do you consider management important for an artist?

Paul Di’Anno: Without a good manager, you may as well give up and get a job at McDonalds. As an artist, you Must have a manager.


Interview conceived by RiCo



You can read the second part of the interview HERE.

You can read the third part of the interview HERE.


Paul Di’Anno was on the The Beast Is Back Tour during 2010.




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