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Paul Di'Anno. Iron Maiden (1978–1981) Part 2/3

Publicat in: 18.07.2013, 00:45AM
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Paul Di'Anno. Iron Maiden (1978–1981) Part 2/3

Paul Andrews (b. May 17, 1958, in Chingford, London), better known as Paul Di’Anno, was the first prominent vocalist for Iron Maiden (1978 – 1981).

In the second part of the interview, we talked about personal views.

CZB: You were born in London. Why is this city not attractive for you?

Paul Di’Anno: It is a shit hole.

CZB: In 2000 what made you decide to move to Brazil; were you trying to get away from it all?

Paul Di’Anno: To get away from that shit hole.

CZB: What were you doing when you found out Princess Di died? Did it affect you in any way?

Paul Di’Anno: When did she die? No-one told me?

CZB: What attracts you to South America? You've spent quite a lot of time there and some of your band members are from Brazil?

Paul Di’Anno: Wonderful place - Wonderful Musicians - Wonderful music scene.

CZB: Why did you feel the need to write an autobiography?

Paul Di’Anno: To stop all the other wankers writing whatever they wanted to write about me, that was mostly bullshit that they were all writing. So having my own autobiography, was me saying what I wanted to say.

CZB: You worked as a butcher and chef. Do you consider yourself a good cook and what is your favorite dish?

Paul Di’Anno: I am just an OKay cook and I like Italian and Japanese food

CZB: After all these years, does it piss you off when press people ask you about the drugs and booze?

Paul Di’Anno: Yes , becase the intellegent press people do not ask all that shit... but the stupid ones always ask that.

CZB: In interviews you have claimed to be Muslim, Catholic, Jewish, Aborigine, Atheist. What would your God look like? What would your life motto be?

Paul Di’Anno: God would look like Micky Mouse and My Life Motto would be... Do it all now, before you wake up dead and totally fucked.


Interview conceived by: RiCo


You can read the first part of the interview by clicking HERE.

You can read the third part of the interview by clicking HERE.

Paul Di’Anno is currently on The Beast Is Back Tour.




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