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Sinoptik (UA)

Publicat in: 22.02.2017, 06:27AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Sinoptik (UA)

SINOPTIK - three generations of rockn'roll in one shot; the best mix of '60s and 2000s rock; unpredictable fusion-absorption of psychedelic, old-school rock and digital stoner. The creative concept of Sinoptik are the delicate lyrics tuned into a burst of sound. 

SINOPTIK's musicians took part in festivals such as Sziget (2016, HU), Reading (2016, UK), TheBestCity (UA 2012-2013), GogolFest (UA, 2014, 2015), Global Battle of the Bands 2016 World Final in Berlin DE, Fan-Zone EURO 2012, Respublica Fest 2015, Shid Rock 2015, Z-Games 2015.
SINOPTIK's front man, Dmitriy Sinoptik, lived in England for a while, where he recorded two albums with The Wow Signal and singer Penny Foster. His solo records were published by Gean Pool Universal, having played at dozens of British festivals, and having opened for Iggy Pop.

Here's what we spoke to them about after the 2016 GBOB World Final.


RiCo for CZB: How did your band get together?

Dmitry Frosby (bass, Sinoptik): Dima Sinoptik is the founder of the band and he lived and played in London for a couple of years, then returned to Ukraine and decided to make a world level band. There were some band member replacements, but for the last 3 years musicians haven’t changed. We’ve all been playing music for a long time, so it was easy for all of us to understand what we all want.


CZB: How did you choose your name; what does Sinoptik mean to you?

Slava Los (drums, Sinoptik): SINOPTIК  is a transcript in latin letters of the Russian word which means “meteorologist”. It's also an old nickname of our frontman Dima. We like the idea that we can form and predict the weather in the music world.


White Cats


CZB: How many gigs have you had up to the GBOB World Final?

Dima Sinoptik (vocal, guitar, keys, Sinoptik): We stoped counting our gigs a long time ago (during the past few years it turned to hundreds), but just before the 2016 GBOB World Final we had quite a lengthy tour in Ukraine, plus several gigs in Hungary and Romania. I guess we could say that we arrived in Berlin very warmed up and ready to fight.

CZB: Have you been to Berlin before?

Dima Sinoptik (Sinoptik): We have never been to Berlin before, so everything was new for us there. We were astonished by the city’s diversity and multiculture. We are used to hear that Germans are calm and sometimes boring people, but in reality Berlin turned out to be an exciting boiling pot without any rules. It was really great!


CZB: Is there a story or a message you want to get through to the audience through your music?
Dmitry Frosby (Sinoptik): We want people to have mind trips with our music, so that they can close their eyes and fly away somewhere deep in their imagination, to places they didn't even know existed.

Dima Sinoptik: Each song has its own message or story. We try not to exploit the same ideas twice. Each song characterizes us at the very moment when it was created. In other words, the latest songs always describe us better in the current moment.


CZB: What's your opinion about the Music Industry in Ukraine in 2016?

Dima Sinoptik: Ukrainian music industry made a big jump forward during the last 3 years. I can say that we have real musical and overall cultural boom in Ukraine. Even though most attention is being paid to pop music, the underground rock scene has risen significantly too, with many new high quality bands emerging and a number of great festivals. Gigs of Ukrainian and foreign bands gather big crowds, which is great, of course!

CZB: Why did you sign up to GBOB and was this the first time you've participated at GBOB in your country?
Dima Sinoptik: I took part in GBOB back in the 2008 with another band, and we took second place in the national finals. So this time I wasn’t too enthusiastic about participation, but other band members persuaded me to try it. We didn’t think too much about it and didn’t do any special preparations; we were just confident with ourselves and this helped.

(Я участвовал в отборах ГБОБ в 2009-2008 годах с другой группой и однажды мы заняли второе место в национальном финале. На этот раз я не очень хотел участвовать, но меня уговорили другие участники группы. Мы не слишком переживали или готовились к конкурсу, поэтому были уверены в себе и не прогадали.)

CZB: How is GBOB organized in your country? How did you feel when you found out YOU WON and would represent your country at the GBOB World Final in Berlin last year?

Dmitry Frosby (Sinoptik): We don't know exact details about the organization process. We had semifinals too, then national finals. We were really surprised about our victory and were happy, as we knew that now we had a chance to share our music with more people in other countries. It was a great feeling, when you understand that you are doing everything right. And of course, to represent our country is an honor.


CZB: How was the GBOB World Final Experience for you?
Dmitry Frosby (Sinoptik): It was a great experience! We turned out to be in a completely different environment, because even our national finals were held in the same club as were the semifinal rounds. We also met many great people, bands, and made new friends too. For example, with the band the Atavists, who are from the Czech Republic, we have had 4 split gigs during our 2016 autumn tour.

(Это был отличный опыт. Мы попали в совершенно другую среду, ведь даже украинский финал GBOB проходил для нас в привычной обстановке. Мы познакомились с множеством замечательных групп и музыкантов, с которыми теперь общаемся и дружим. Например, с чешской группой the Atavists, мы сыграем 4 концерта в рамках сентябрьского тура.)


Mother song


CZB: What is your aim as a band / how far do you see yourselves going with the music?

Dima Sinoptik: Our aim is to bring our music to as many people around the world as possible. If your music has demand then it's a sign you're doing everything right. We are not going to stop at some particular point, and will always have high but realistic goals. At the end of the day, there is no point in forming a band and promoting it, if you are not going to become successful with it.

CZB: What are your goals in the near future?

Dima Sinoptik: Our new EP came out this winter. Apart from that, we will be taking part in a couple of collaborations and projects. The Interplanet Overdrive Tour started in February 2017 and it will cover Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia and Ukraine.

Conceived by: RiCo



  • Dima Sinoptik (vocal, guitar, keys)
  • Dima Frosby (bass)
  • Slava Los (drums)




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