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Graham Robinson (UK)

Publicat in: 20.08.2016, 12:29PM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Against The Grain, Anglo-saxon Booking Agency, Dj Brainbox Pollution, Experiment, I-shensound, Semifinala Gbob Bucovina, Sonic Relief, The Ridiculed, Urban Guerrilla Magazine
Graham Robinson (UK)

Fired by an unbridled, shamanic passion for music, rhythm and dance, Graham Robinson (b. in Kingston upon Thames on Aug. 25th, 1968) has been immersed in the music industry since childhood. Starting out when he was 12 as the roadie for the school punk band, The Ridiculed, he has since been the editor and publisher of Urban Guerrilla magazine, DJ Brainbox Pollution, the promoter and organizer of myriads of concerts, tours, festivals and club events under the names Sonic Relief and Against The Grain, manager of the post-punk band, Experiment, producer/composer in the dub-trance-techno band, I-Shensound, the man behind many long-running club nights, including "Night Of The Living Dub", "Yard", "Hotel Bastardos" and "One Flyover And A Cuckoos' Nest", a booking agent, a record company mogul, a video production company manager, graphic designer, psychedelic lighting effects designer - basically, if it can be done in the worlds of music, film or advertising, he's done it.

Now living in a graveyard in Transylvania, his four decades of relentless pioneering and championing of punk rock, ska, reggae, dub, drum'n'bass, death metal, doom metal, psychedelic rock, progressive rock, techno, trance, acid house, black metal, electro, industrial, goth, ambient, folk and jazz music (to name but a few of his favourites) have led him to found Anglo-Saxon Booking Agency under the motto "Diverse and daring performance booking services for diverse and daring artists".

His greatest achievements are having once played synthesizers live with his favourite band, Hawkwind, having persuaded Glenn Benton of Deicide to let him squeeze pus out of the freshly-branded inverted crucifix on his forehead and having been snogged by Joan Jett backstage at The Marquee Club. His most treasured possession was, for many years, a cigarette given to him by Randy California, who was trying to chat up his girlfriend at the time.

His autobiography, Licking The Leopard - A Tale Of Sex, Drugs And Rock'n'Roll (But Mainly Sex) remains unpublished on the advice of his lawyers, the publishers' lawyers, the Inland Revenue, Customs & Excise, the Home Office, the Serious Crimes Squad and the Swedish Royal Family.

Perhaps the single greatest disappointment of his life was that, over a period of many years, he singularly failed to ever beat Lemmy at either Space Invaders or Asteroids.


Written and submitted by author of possibly one of the Greatest Autobiographies that has not yet been published: Graham Robinson, 19.AUG.2016


To add to his CV, Graham Robinson gave an elegantly late confirmation to his presence as a Judge at the 2016 GBOB Bucovina-Moldova Semifinal (on Saturday, the 10th of September, at the 31 Motor's Pub in Suceava, Romania)

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