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First Attempt (Odorheiu Secuiesc / Székelyudvarhely)

Publicat in: 20.08.2015, 22:10PM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: 1st Attempt, First Attempt, Jason Howson, Jason T. Howson, Jason T. Howson, Lázár Tamás, Norbert Kövecsi, Odorheiu Secuiesc, Szabolcs Jánosi, Székelyudvarhely, Sztojka Bori
First Attempt (Odorheiu Secuiesc / Székelyudvarhely)

Basist Jason-Thomas Howson and guitarist Lázár Tamás recruited singer Sztojka Borbála and drummer Jánosi Szabolcs to form First Attempt in 2013 (they played with this lineup for about half a year, after which guitarist Kövecsi Norbert joined to make the final/current lineup. The band rehearses in the basement of a local cloth shop in Székelyudvarhely/Odorheiu Secuiesc (RO). It is also here the Garage Rock, Neo-Psy band wrote its first song and first EP Blackout.

First Attempt signed up for the Romanian Global Battle of the Bands and will be playing on Thursday September 10th at the Jazz&Blues Club in Targu MureÈ™.


CZB: How did the band members get together?

Jason-Thomas Howson (bass, First Attempt): Well some of us already knew each other in school before we formed the band but to be honest we all met at a New Year's Party, in quite a booze influenced atmosphere :)


CZB: What does First Attempt mean to you?

Jason Howson (bass, First Attempt): It just popped out of one our heads I guess, there's not much of a story, recently though we think it's a good name cause when we started the band none of us had any musical experience whatsoever so it's pretty accurate.


CZB: How many gigs have you had; what cities have you played in? 

Jason-Thomas Howson (First Attempt): We can say we're quite lucky for our age; we had a decent amount of gigs (aproximmately 20-30), especially this summer when we hit a few festivals too, such as EMI, SIC fest and Tusványos, and we also had gigs in Miercurea Ciuc, Sf. Gheorghe - but of course we play more often in our hometown, Odorheiu Secuiesc.


CZB: Tell me about an interesting situation you had on the road with the band? 

Jason Howson (First Attempt): Well we don't really have a story on the road - rather in our rehearsal room, where they called the police on us once. We were doing some late night (1-2 am) jamming and the old man living next door called the cops on us, but since the gates were closed the police couldn't come in.


CZB: How do you write your music? 

Jason Howson (First Attempt): Simple question: we jam a lot and if we like something, such as a riff we'll write the music and then our singer writes the lyrics to it.


CZB: What is one of your most liked songs?

Jason Howson (First Attempt): I'd say our favourite song is Under The Skin, quite a strong song, with a few twists, it's a great song cause it really represents the sound and meaning of our band - and we also have a music video for it.


CZB: When did you arrive in Romania and why are you living in Odorheiu Secuiesc / Székelyudvarhely?

Jason Howson (First Attempt): I hear this a lot. Well when I was 5 years old I came here to live with my parents, but after a few years they divorced, and I remained here, but now I'm happy because I found a great group of people including the band in which I see a future. 


CZB: What is your favorite book and your favorite movie? 

Jason Howson (First Attempt): Pulp Fiction is my favorite book and Mr. Nobody is my favorite film.


CZB: If you could have a superhuman power, what would this be? 

Jason Howson (First Attempt): Flight cause it must be a really free and sensational feeling… Of course Money is a great superpower too.


CZB: Is there anything that could be done better to promote new bands from your region of the country?

Jason Howson (First Attempt): Well it would be great if the radios and streaming sites would promote the new bands and performers but the real problem is that the people don't support quality music. They only listen to the top 100 DJ Pop Chart music. However this Battle of the Band competition is a great opportunity for new bands. 


CZB: What is your aim as a band? 

Jason Howson (First Attempt): Well our main aim as a band is to be part of the western underground music scene and to be active preformers in music festivals and local clubs too.


CZB: Why did you sign up for GBOB România 2015?

Jason Howson (First Attempt): We see GBOB as a great opportunity, being such a massive organization and event, it can help get our music through to new people, and also help in the future of the band.


First Attempt signed up for the Romanian Global Battle of the Bands and will be playing on Thursday September 10th at the Jazz&Blues Club in Targu MureÈ™.


Interview conceived by: RiCo


Band Line-up:

  • Sztojka Bori (singer, guitar)
  • Norbert Kövecsi (guitar)
  • Lázár Tamás (guitar)
  • Jason T. Howson (bass guitar)
  • Szabolcs Jánosi (drums)



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