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Baby Elvis. Annie Ting

Publicat in: 03.08.2015, 06:26AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Annie Ting, Baby Elvis, Chris Devour
Baby Elvis. Annie Ting
Clipul săptămânii 31/2015
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Baby ElvisAnnie Ting


Clipul a fost filmat in Aprilie 2015. 
Baby Elvis mai are un clip gata si inca doua in lucru.
Annie Ting a fost filmat de Chris Devour care este un fotograf/artist foarte talentat. 
Tot el a realizat coperta de single.
S-a filmat in Oradea, in diverse locații.
Baiatul din clip e cel mai bun dansator din lume iar la 1:18 in clip apare tatal lui, in spate, neregizat. Trecea pe acolo omul. :)
Annie Ting e prima piesa compusa de Baby Elvis.
Mark si-a luat Bac-ul, in mod total neasteptat.

You see her face, you don't know what to say
She's very hot, like a day in Bombay
Got pretty eyes, Annie Ting is her name
You've never met her, oh my god what a shame

You don't know a thing about Annie Ting!

She's kind of strange, she's not easy to read
Compared to her Dostoyevsky's a kid
It's such a pity you can't find what she likes
It would be cool if she'd enjoy the White Stripes

You see her face you don't know what to say
She's not quite right like a night in Marseille
Her perfect hair will not give her away
You'll never touch her, oh my god what a shame

You wish to chat, you want to send her a mail
Don't got the address, what an epic fail
You spend some days to make a new plan
But what you find is that in fact she's a man

Mixing and mastering:
Adam Whittaker
SpaceRay Music
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