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Group 180 (HU, 1979-83)

Publicat in: 17.07.2015, 06:25AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Group 180, Tibor Szemző
Group 180 (HU, 1979-83)

CZB: Why did you choose the name Group 180 (I made a gesture with my hand, showing a 180 degree arch)?

Tibor Szemző: No, everybody thinks this. I myself was 180 cm. high

We were sitting in a pub; we rehearsed every day and in the evenings we would go to the pub… this was more of a community project and we had 6-7-8 people within the collective and it turned out that the 6 of us sitting around the table were 180 cm tall, so I decided to give this name to the project.

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