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From Kogaionon, to the present, DBE…

Publicat in: 09.03.2015, 06:46AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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From Kogaionon, to the present, DBE…

20 years ago the first number of Kogaionon Magazine was being released, the beginning of an underground publication which sought to promote in a more articulate manner all those albums received for "Antofagasta", a show broadcasted by the local radio station " Top'91". In those days, the information dedicated to music and music culture was pretty limited in Romania, with only two nationwide magazines to choose from, both which covered different genres of Rock, with very few Metal bands. Death, Thrash, Heavy, Speed and Power Metal were all the hype, plus some of the more recent Doom and Gothic Metal apparitions. Black Metal was beginning to get some attention, but, like those new genres, you could scarcely find some information about this type of music throughout the numerous news and articles, all of which concerned well-known and, implicitly, highly supported acts. Nonconformist, avant-garde derivatives and completely unconventional ones were of no interest and, implicitly, were not gaining any coverage.


So, in the early summer of 1995, there were being published some of the first interviews with bands which were just at the beginning, not yet promoted in Romania, but who seemed very promising: FLEURETY,MONUMENTUMIN THE WOODS…,LACRIMOSAOPETHDIE VERBANNTEN KINDER EVAS. Among them, MOONSPELLDAN SWANÖ or THEATRE OF TRAGEDY came with interesting information for those already familiar with these names.

KOGAIONON soon became a renowned magazine outside Romania and many underground promoters wanted to have it in their mailing list. The fact that the first issue was written in English also helped reach readers from abroad, although it was a disadvantage amongst Romanian ones.


DBE wouldn't be here today without KOGAIONON. Altogether withKrunaKruNaturaDonisArt and the DonisArt Evenings. And since this year we celebrate 20 years of Kogaionon MagazineDBE will be structured and oriented towards a vintage aroma, focused on a lot more Metal than usual (Black and Doom), plus some other new Non-Metal acts, nevertheless with a Dark touch (from different Rock bands to Dark Folk, Experimental Drone and even Theatrical). This doesn't mean thatDBE will become a Metal event or a Metal festival. It is well-known that the first DBE editions were mostly Non-Metal, then it became an attempt to mix different music genres, but one which brought understanding and tolerance among those attending, which is what actually defines the DBE experience.

What will happen in the following years, and what are those musical genres that DBE will gravitate towards, we shall see. We would be most happy to be able to continue, it would be wonderful to have a DBEgathering every year, like a beautiful tradition which would bring together friends - new and old ones - under the blazon of a few peaceful, quiet days, infused with all kinds of artistic happenings, not only musical.

It's not our goal to compete with anybody and we wouldn't wish to be labelled in any way. Everything we do is out of admiration of the artists and out of respect for those who participate. We simply wish for atypical things to happen here as well, beautiful and authentic, where artists who haven't been to Romania before could join in and enchant us with their unique performances, as well as some who've been to DBE already could come with new captivating concepts… the place where Romanian artists would wish to release something special, as premiere… where those attending could free themselves from the urban noise and wish to discover underground artists in a natural, unpolluted, renewed, but honest as well as sincere, without any marketing and luxurious concepts… where there's no barrier between those onstage and the public, so that all that joined DBE could enjoy the time spent here, in a relaxed and civil way… where there are no photographing restrictions, when everyone can talk to everyone, without ever feeling the VIP status getting in the way, whether it is an artist, journalist, promoter or a bodyguard… it is, so to speak, a return to the roots, a return to normality, which is more and more difficult to reach and experience today!

Even though all concert must end before midnight (according to local regulations), we will make sure that every concert has all the logistic support needed, regardless of whether it takes place during the day or during the night. There are no headliners and no opening-acts, every band will get the chance to perform within a decent timetable, with a brief change-over, where the schedule will not allow for delays to happen. We will be able to see band performing onstage as well as around the campfire. Most artists will be there over the entire festival, some of them performing in several bands.

We will create personalized DBE souvenirs, which will be available for purchase throughout the festival.

There are still a few more bands to be revealed, completely underground, plus some artistic happenings, after which we will focus entirely on logistic details: accommodation, camping, transportation, ticked/festival pass prices, reservations, food & drink, schedule, party, other activities…

We hope that whoever feels like it, wants to, and can will participate. And for DBE to continue smoothly, without any syncope, the person who will be joining us in August ought to bring with him or her a friend who's never been to DBE before. This is our special wish, which we daresay formulate now, here, by means of this article.

Many thanks in advance for your interest, openness, and all your support and we believe that during the 20th-21st and 22nd of August we will experience three wonderful days and nights… the DBE experience :)

All the bands which have already been revealed are posted here:


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