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Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Damnation Festival 2013, Din Brad, Gind A-prins Ep, Negura Music, Prophecy Productions, Tau European Tour
Negură Bunget - evolutions
The beginning of 2013 brings Negură Bunget on a highlighted evolution path. Significant developments occurred within the band opening new paths for the future. We are pleased to announce we refined a new concept and approach towards our live and studio performances which helps us enrich our grip towards experimental traditional instruments use and performance. We are also shaping things towards a new visual and musical atmosphere of our performances to undertake a complete transformation.
Negură Bunget - gînd a-prins - EP / European Tour
We are delighted to announce the first concrete endeavour of the present Negură Bunget collective will be a 7" EP titled gînd a-prins(Incandescent Thought). The two tracks of the EP are tăul fără fund (Abysmal Mire) and curgerea muntelui (Flow of the Mountain). The EP serves as a gradual introduction towards the first part of the Transilvanian Trilogy - TĂU, planned for release in the second part of the year. The two songs develop the major musical directions of the album, which melt together in the end into the larger visual concept. The EP will be released by Prophecy Productions in the summer of 2013 in a limited vinyl edition only.
Complementing the release of the EP we set up a small European Tour to introduce the audience with the atmosphere of our new works. 
TĂU European Tour - Part I - Negură Bunget + Din Brad
16/05/2013 - Budapest (HU) - Dürer Kert - + Moon and the Night Spirit
17/05/2013 - Banská Bystrica (SK) - Manifest of Brutality III - Tirish Pub-Metro
18/05/2013 - Poznan (PL) - Klub U Bazyla 
19/05/2013 - Leipzig (DE) - Wave Gotik Treffen - Heidnisches Dorf - 17:00 - Din Brad
20/05/2013 - Leipzig (DE) - Wave Gotik Treffen - Kohlrabizirkus - 17:00 - Negură Bunget
Negură Bunget - gînd a-prins - t-shirt
Complementing the new EP we designed a new shirt model. It is available on black, white and green shirts and girlies. It can be ordered from us at contact@negurabunget.com
(See photo below)

Negură Bunget - exclusive UK date on Damnation Festival 2013
We are happy to announce Negură Bunget will be performing an exclusive UK date in 2013 at the famous Damnation Festival in Leeds University Union on Saturday,  November 2. The amazing line-up for this yeas includes the legendary Carcass, the extreme metal 'supergroup' Vallenfyre (featuring members of Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride and At The Gates), experimental rock ensemble Crippled Black Phoenix, English doom trio Moss and the sonic assault of Paul Catten's The Sontaran Experiment.
Negură Bunget - TĂU European Tour - Part II
As the first part of the TĂU tour is coming to a conclusion soon, we are ready to announce it's second leg will take part in September/October, focusing on the Western Europe, Baltics and Finland. If anybody can help us arrange some dates, just write us at contact@negurabunget.com
There's also a lot more coming before the end of the year, so stay tuned along us!
Negură Bunget festivals 2013
29/06/2013 - Brno (CZ) - Hell Fast Attack
30/06/2013 - Roitzschjora (DE) - With Full Force 
21/07/2013 - Varna (BG) - Wild Child Rock Festival
02/11/2013 - Leeds (UK) - Damnation Festival
22/11/2013 - Hohenstein-Ernstthal (DE) - Autumn From Hell Fest
23/11/2013 - Erfurt (DE) - From Hell Club - Autumn From Hell Fest
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