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Paradise Lost. Nick Holmes

Publicat in: 16.05.2013, 06:29AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Adrian Erlandsson, Goth Metal, Jeff Singer, John Milton, Nick Holmes, Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost. Nick Holmes

Paradise Lost is doing Romania this week, playing Cluj-Napoca for the first time on Thursday, the 3rd of December. We e-mailed the band management and Nick Holmes, the lead singer, answered the interview questions.

CZB: Did you even think that maybe Paradise Lost would still be around 20 years down the road, when you first started out?

Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost): Definitely not.

CZB: Are YOU are the pioneers of GOTH METAL due to the fact that you were experimenting with different sounds or was it something you had in mind to try out?

Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost): We invented the phrase and indeed were the first band to fuse metal and gothic music.

CZB: How do you explain that you haven’t had a constant serious drummer up to now?

Why was Jeff Singer‘s decision a sudden one? When he joined the band, wasn’t it clear to everyone that this would be his priority?

Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost): Our 3 drummers departures were over 21 years, It’s not exactly a revolving door!

Jeff Singer wanted to settle down and not be on the road so much, simple as that.

CZB: How did you guys hook up with swede Adrian Erlandsson? How has he adapted to Paradise Lost and does he still have the sideproject with his wife?

Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost): Adrian Erlandsson auditioned , we got along well and he fits the bill, yes. He still plays in Nemhainwith Mrs Erlansson.

CZB: How many months of the year are you on the road?

Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost): Depends, it’s usually in 6 to 8 week cycles, promotion for a record can be up to 2 years.

CZB: Is the band name related to John Milton‘s blank verse epic poem? Who’s idea was it for the name?

Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost): It’s taken from the book, I came up with it as there was a copy of the book at my parents house when I was a kid.

CZB: THE BOOK has 12 chapters. Now YOU have 12 albums. Do you still have empty pages left to write on in YOUR book?

Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost): Only death is final.

CZB: What’s it like being on the road for the band as a unit? Do you have two groups doing different things or does the whole band do the same things together before and after the show?

Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost): We were friends before the bands existence and that means a lot, we socialise together, but everyone is aware of each others personal space

CZB: If something goes wrong, how do you handle the situation? Do you go and argue backstage, or do you wait to get to the hotelrooms?

Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost): We don't argue too much; if someone fucks up something, I’d like to think they would have the bottle to take it on the chin; arguments usually start after alcohol, in any walk of life, but they usually aren’t life threatening.

CZB: Are press people the same around the world, or are certain questions asked on certain continents or regions. Could you give an example, or two?

Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost): Countries can be very different in the line of questioning, the UK likes to go for a “tabloidesque” approach: scandal, sex. Russian interviewers are usually very heavy and want meaningful psychological thoughtful answers. Generally, I like stupid questions, cause thinking too much hurts.

CZB: How has the internet helped the band develop its fanbase and popularity during the past decade?

Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost): It may have helped spread the word, but  downloading has fucked the business. I feel sorry for new bands who deserve to make a living from their music, cause not many will get the chance.

CZB: Do certain members of the band take care of MySpace, Forum, Twitter, Blogs or do you have a team based at home taking care of all that?

Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost): We have someone who takes care of the Website and MySpace; I read our forums every single day. Obviously, we are members of social networks on a personal level, some open to the public, some not.

CZB: How important do you feel it is to break into new territories? Do you enjoy travelling?

Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost): It’s fun to play places you haven’t before, traveling (the physical part) totally sucks. I would gladly never board another aircraft again if an alternative existed.

CZB: What was the most frustrating journey you have had to date and can you tell of a situation where you couldn’t make it to a gig because of transportation problems?

Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost): Way too many to mention, we have had the lot, bus fires, bad weather, bus breakdown. The worst are aircraft problems, it’s no fun flying through thunderstorms with jammed landing gear.

CZB: Which country appreciates your genre and music the most? Where do you consider you have the largest fanbase?

Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost): Germany and Greece

CZB: Do you make the effort to listen to local opening acts or are just concentrating on your act, your tour and your music all the time? Or are attitudes different on an individual level?

Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost): We have no choice but to listen to opening acts! we are usually in the same building when they play. After 6 weeks I know a support bands songs back to front whether I like them or not.

CZB: It’s the first time you’re playing in the Transylvanian capital. What kind of souvenirs are you going to be looking for to take home to your kids/families?

Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost): Just myself!



Interview by: RiCo
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