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NEW RELEASE. Holy Hive. Float Back To You

Publicat in: 07.05.2020, 06:52AM
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Etichete: Big Crown Records, Float Back To You, Holy Hive
NEW RELEASE. Holy Hive. Float Back To You
Big Crown Records is proud to present ‘Float Back To You,’ the debut full length album from Holy Hive.

Homer Steinweiss, the Brooklyn based soul/funk drummer, always had a soft spot for folk music. Paul Spring, a young idealist folk singer traveling the country with his guitar, always had a beautiful falsetto in his back pocket. A family introduction would lead to Homer producing a few solo records of Paul’s, which would eventually lead to the creation of Holy Hive. The two enlisted Joe Harrison on bass and started out recording their first tunes as a group. A tour with soul legend Lee Fields would turn out to have an unexpected effect on their sound as they played their material to crowds of soul fanatics looking to dance. It was this realisation that forced the next step in their evolution and gave birth to a sound unique to Holy Hive, a sound that walks a line so perfectly it necessitated a new genre, Folk Soul.

Homer has been drumming professionally since 2000 and has provided the back-beat to records by Amy Winehouse, Bruno Mars, The Jonas Brothers, and Lady Gaga to name a few. He has toured the world over with soul acts like Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings and The Arcs. With all of that under his belt, Holy Hive is the first band that is truly his own and you can hear that it is close to his heart. Paul is from a small town in Minnesota where he spent his formative years studying Ancient Greek mythology and practicing classical guitar. He toured the states for years with only the company of his guitar, playing solo shows to make ends meet and occasional library gigs promoting his self-released children’s record, Home Of Song.

The symbiotic relationship of Homer and Paul has been likened to that of an Oxpecker and a Black rhino. Paul’s delicate falsetto and fluttering guitar rests atop Homer’s brawny drums in perfect harmony. There are many levels to Holy Hive; some of them show up on the surface but some of them are like the album’s title track; you listen to a gorgeous love song only to find out later it’s about coming home to your cat. This is perhaps the most telling of Holy Hive, they are easy to like on first listen but spending time with their music will reveal a much deeper experience.
Holy Hive are Homer Steinweiss (The Dap-Kings) and Paul Spring, along with their honorary brother Joseph ‘Tone’ Harrison.

Track List
1. Broom
2. Hypnosis
3. Blue Light
4. Oh I Miss Her So
5. Float Back To You
6. Be Thou By My Side
1. Didn’t You Say
2. Embers To Ash
3. Cynthia’s Celebration
4. Red Is The Rose
5. You Will Always Be By My Side Forever
6. Sophia’s Part

- Produced by Homer Steinweiss

- Featuring Mary Lattirmore, Shannon Wise (The Shacks),
Leon Michels (El Michels Affair), Dave Guy (The Roots)

- Extensive US Touring planned (when we can...)
 including a river float tour from Albany to NYC.
Artist: Holy Hive
Title: Float Back To You (Album)
Label: Big Crown Records
Format: LP Vinyl / Coloured Vinyl / CD/ Digital
Genre: Folk / Soul / Indie
Release Date: 29th May 2020
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