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Asphalt Tango Records on Bandcamp

Publicat in: 01.05.2020, 17:08PM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Asphalt Tango Records, Bandcamp
Asphalt Tango Records on BandcampIt is a difficult time for us all right now. We worry about our loved ones, our livelihoods, and for our future. But if we can come together as human beings we have the power to get through this and whatever lies beyond. As a record label, our priority is assuring the livelihoods and future of our artists. The people that make the world a better place through the music they make.

Creatives and musicians perhaps face the most uncertain future in these hard times. The digitalization of music over the past 10 years has meant that artists must rely almost entirely on live music to support themselves. Our artists generate 90% of their income through live music, and with almost 200 shows canceled this year due to Conoronavirus they face the frightening reality of not being able to support themselves, and having to consider if they can continue music at all.

Music is fundamental to society, especially in difficult times. It lifts us, consoles us, brings us together, and we need it now and after this crisis more than ever. If we want to see our artists play live once more when this is all over and enjoy those special moments we must come together to support them. 

Bandcamp is waiving its revenue share this Friday, May 1st. Making it easier than ever to support the artists you love because the money you spend goes directly to the artist. Buy a record, buy a CD, brighten your world or the world of a loved one with the gift of music, and at the same time help your musicians make it through these difficult times
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