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NEW RELEASE. Mastord. Trail Of Consequence

Publicat in: 04.03.2019, 06:12AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Mastord, Progressive Metal, Trail Of Consequence
NEW RELEASE. Mastord. Trail Of Consequence

Artist: Mastord

Album: Trail Of Consequence

Genre: Progressive Metal

Album release date: February 14th 2019



Mastord was assembled during 2018, piece by piece. Kari did the demo of album during 2016-2017 and played it to producer/engineer Teemu Aalto. The whole production was really rough and thin at that point. They thought that there is much more to dig out from these compositions than Kari ever could have accomplished by himself. The decision to find good and skillfull instrumentalists and vocalist to this project was made. 


Kari kept working with the songs, guitars and keyboard parts and the lyrics while scouting musicians to attend the project. After very long search the first one in the final line up was brilliant drummer Mr. Toni Paananen (Malpractice etc.), from Hellsinki. Drum recordings was done in the City of Kotka at Teemu Aalto Music Productions in the end of May 2018. Right after Toni, magical bass player Mr. Pasi Hakuli (Return to Void, Kreyskull, Total Devastation, Fog Light etc.) joined in to play the bass lines. At spring 2018 Pasi recorded all the bass tracks before Toni´s  drumming. The plan was to record Toni´s drumming before the bass lines, but during some scheduling issues it was not possible. Not the traditional way, but it sure did work. Kari recorded all the final guitars at the summer of 2018 after Toni´s and Pasi´s contribution on this record. 


Now there were all the instrument tracks done, but still no singer for the album. After long and thorough search, Kari was just about to throw the towel into the ring. But then he met great vocalist, Mr. Markku Pihlaja (Manitou, Return to Void, Kaihoro etc.) at the local supermarket. Markku´s schedule had free spots here and there and the plan was made, and Markku was able to record vocal tracks at his own studio when ever he had time. Again, not the traditional way, but it sure did work! Vocal tracks was done at the autumn of 2018 and Teemu was released to do his magic on mixing. Teemu also sang the backing vocals while mixing the album with the other hand. Eventually we found some good people for angry vocals and talking parts too. Thank you Lauri Pikka (Demonic Death Judge, Total Devastation etc.) and Kem Helenius


And now, at the beginning of the new year 2019, the album is ready for you to listen!! 


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