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Vorbid (NO). GBOB World Final

Publicat in: 29.05.2017, 06:16AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Daniel Emanuelsen, Gbob, Gbob World Final, Vorbid
Vorbid (NO). GBOB World Final "None of us had been to Berlin (let alone Germany) before the GBOB world finals. When we found out we were staying at a somewhat "ghetto" part of Berlin we were like "Yeah man! This is the best place in the world to get hammered!" First thing after checking in our luggage, we went right to the nearest convenience store, bought some hard liquor, some local beer and the country's cheapest pack of cigarettes. We couldn't find any benches, so we sat down in the middle of beautiful Berlin and began our journey into a terrible hangover (those of us that were old enough). Berlin was great. The other musicians competing were all so openminded and easy to hang out with (I guess that goes without saying when your body fluids are consisting of 50% beer). I can't think of a moment from the trip that stuck out as bad. It was all so great and we thank GBOB - and most of all the people there - for a great vacation!" Daniel Emanuelsen (Lead Guitar, Vorbid)
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