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Vorbid (NO)

Publicat in: 15.02.2017, 13:59PM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: 2016 Gbob World Final, Daniel Emanuelsen, Gbob, Jonas Tellefsen, Marcus Gullovsen, Michael Eriksen, Morbid Visions, Norvegia, Norway, Thrash Metal, Vorbid
Vorbid (NO)

Vorbid is a band that likes to combine the rawness of Thrash Metal and the melodic and progressive elements from Prog Rock. 

If you want to hear a raw, fresh and perfectly executed combination of thrash metal and 70's progrock, Vorbid is the band for you!

We met them at the 2016 GBOB World Final and here are the questions we threw at them:


RiCo for CZB: How did your band get together?

Daniel Emanuelsen (lead guitar): Vorbid was founded in late 2013 by Marcus Gullovsen (present drummer) and Michael Eriksen (the present rythm guitarist and singer), under the name Morbid Visions. A few months later, I came in to the fold as their lead guitarist (Michael played drums in a local band in which I played guitar, and we soon found that we had common understanding and thoughts in music). The thrash metal roots of Michael and the progressive and melodic roots of Daniel soon made way to the kind of music we make today.


CZB: How did you choose your name? What does Sinoptik mean to you?

Daniel Emanuelsen (Vorbid): The name Morbid Visions was soon changed to Vorbid due to Sepultura's debut album sharing the same name. We all wanted something that rolled off your tongue easy, and sounded somewhat "metal". Michael came up with the idea of just keeping the word "morbid" but taking the V from "visions", and there we had Vorbid.


CZB: How many gigs have you had up to the GBOB World Final?

Daniel Emanuelsen (Vorbid): We started playing at a small club in our hometown, were we probably played about 20-25 gigs before we "grew out of it" (not to sound cocky, but the standards there weren't really all that high). Then we started competing in different band battles, and soon found that we were winning all of them, until we finally gathered the courage to compete in the Norwegian GBOB (which consisted of three different semifinals, then the national finals). It all probably adds up to about 60-70 gigs (I think).


CZB: Have you been to Berlin before and how was this trip to Berlin different from the first times?

Daniel Emanuelsen (Vorbid): None of us had been to Berlin (let alone Germany) before the GBOB world finals. When we found out we were staying at a somewhat "ghetto" part of Berlin we were like "Yeah man! This is the best place in the world to get hammered!" First thing after checking in our luggage, we went right to the nearest convenience store, bought some hard liquor, some local beer and the country's cheapest pack of cigarettes. We couldn't find any benches, so we sat down in the middle of beautiful Berlin and began our journey into a terrible hangover (those of us that were old enough). Berlin was great. The other musicians competing were all so openminded and easy to hang out with (I guess that goes without saying when your body fluids are consisting of 50% beer). I can't think of a moment from the trip that stuck out as bad. It was all so great and we thank GBOB - and most of all the people there - for a great vacation!


CZB: Is there a story or a message you want to get through to the audience through your music?

Daniel Emanuelsen (Vorbid): The music we write is mostly down the darker alley. Though we always have a message hidden in all the blood and death. The song we played in Berlin "Garden of Departure" is about necrophilia. When I wrote the lyrics, I wanted to make something gnarly and graphical, but with a sad foundation. It is a story of how far the human mind can twist itself from the norm, and what it is that's going through the head of the person doing these things (not that I or any of my bandmates prefer their bedmates dead). It's just a story of being socially abnormal or unwelcome in society (which a lot of our lyrics focus on).


Garden of Departure



CZB: What's your opinion about the Music Industry in Norway in 2016?

Daniel Emanuelsen (Vorbid): The Norwegian music industry is composed entirely of teenagers making "computer music" in their bedrooms. At least that's where all the money's at. There are some really good rock/metal bands scattered around Norway with their own following, but you ain't paying your rent by playing actual music in Norway... Sadly.


CZB: Why did you sign up to GBOB and was this the first time you've participated at GBOB in your country?

Daniel Emanuelsen (Vorbid): This was our first time at GBOB. We simply signed up because we were doing so well in local band competitions, and wanted to try our chances nationally (then eventually internationally).


CZB: How is GBOB organized in your country? How did you feel when you found out YOU WON and would represent your country at the GBOB World Final in Berlin this year?
Daniel Emanuelsen (Vorbid): In GBOB Norway, there were three different semi-finals with about 15-20 bands in each. There where about 7 victors of each semifinal, and they all met in the national final where all 20 semifinal winners would compete for the norwegian GBOB 1st prize. It was really a privilege to get a nomination for the finals. There where a lot of really good bands, and we could really feel that we weren't in our little hometown anymore. When the time had come for the national finals, we were all so pumped with ego and high hopes, but I remember watching the first 3 bands, and looking to the drummer of my band saying "man... you wanna just leave now?" The bands competing in the finals were all so extremely good at what they did! Even if you didn't like the genre, you had to dig what they were doing. When it came time for the announcing of the winner, we didn't really know what to expect. We knew we had put up a great show. The crowd went nuts and the judges were digging it. Though the amount of great musicians competing was astonishing. It was like being a cocky shit in senior high, then all of the sudden you're a junior at college. Anyways, we won. Needless to say it felt great, and it was a huge boost in self esteem for the whole band. Thanks GBOB.


CZB: How was the GBOB World Final Experience for you?

Daniel Emanuelsen (Vorbid): The GBOB World finals had a bigger stage; it was more serious. Hell, David Bowie played that stage, I was starstruck just standing on the damned thing. We all made it through the song, though the sound wasn't good at all. Our music has a lot of harmonies, and if my guitar is louder than the other (which it was) it ruins the whole melody of it. It wasn't a big deal though. Just playing there was so great, and the people (as mentioned) were terrific! We were really happy to come in on a 4th place, but there were only respect to all the others, so even if we didn't make the top 6, there would be no hard feelings at all. It was all just superb.


CZB: What is your aim as a band / how far do you see yourselves going with the music?

Daniel Emanuelsen (Vorbid): When you live in Norway, you'll never end up on the streets. The government will support you if you get too broke (thats why we don't sing about the government). So there's really no reason to stop playing. We all want the same thing: to all stand on the same stage until our legs no longer can carry us. We want to be reckoned for the things we put in our songs, and I hope people will see us as not just that "220 mph metal band", but as "Vorbid" something a little different.


Violation of a Human Mind


CZB: What are your goals in the near future?

Daniel Emanuelsen (Vorbid): We ain't got no tour planned for the near future, though our goal is to get some reviews on our EP, play more shows (supporting the EP) and then lay another goal to work towards. Not just stop after the EP. We're already hard at work for material for future shows/albums. Our Self titled EP is kind of in the borderlands of an EP. It's 30 minutes, but only contains 4 songs. Call it what you will (call it Vorbids debut flahoolick for all we care). The EP consists of 4 songs: "Closed Casket" a song about religious oppression, the title being used as a metaphor of the uglyness of it. "Crimson Crown" a lyrical sequel to Closed Casket, set in a world where religion is banned (Crimson Crown being a picture of the all the blood caused by religion, dripping from their proud crown). The story follows a holy man, being tortured for his former deeds. "Desert of the Wicked" a song about mental disintegration caused by one man's journey after fame and fortune (it's the old "don't fly too close to the sun" story). And finally "Garden of Departure" which we have explained earlier.

We tried to fill the debut EP with all aspects of Vorbid: thrash, fast speeds, slow grooves, clean parts, progressive parts, heavy parts and some melody. We're all pleased with the sound and production.

The video we did for the song "Violation of a Human Mind" was something we didn't anticipate. We were offered a budget (as in 0$) music video, intended as a course for film students. The process was painful (and understandably) amateur. We had little time, no money, and the guys setting up this course had to take inspiration from everyone. That meant that the theme of the video was distracted far from the theme of the song. The song is about depression. The video is about an underage girl being chased down by perverts armed with band shirts. It was an utter disgrace, but it's funny as hell. I take it for what it is.


Conceived by: RiCo



  • Michael Eriksen (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals)
  • Daniel Emanuelsen (Lead Guitar)
  • Marcus Gullovsen (Drums)
  • Jonas Tellefsen (Bass)





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