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Sinoptik (UA). GBOB Ukraine

Publicat in: 01.05.2017, 06:43AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Dmitry Frosby, Gbob 2016 Champion, Sinoptik
Sinoptik (UA). GBOB Ukraine

CZB: How is GBOB organized in your country? How did you feel when you found out YOU WON and would represent your country at the GBOB World Final in Berlin last year?

"We don't know exact details about the organization process. We had semifinals too, then national finals. We were really surprised about our victory and were happy, as we knew that now we had a chance to share our music with more people in other countries. It was a great feeling, when you understand that you are doing everything right. And of course, to represent our country is an honor."

Dima Frosby (bass)

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