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Zoom. #Colectiv (30.OCT.2015)


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CZB: Do you know about the tragedy we had in Club Colectiv?

Anders Nyström (Katatonia): Ya …the fire.

CZB: How did that impress you? What reaction did you have when you found out about what happened in Bucharest?

Anders Nyström (Katatonia): It was a tragedy. Totally. It's sad that - it could happen anywhere… The only positive thing about it is that now people are taking this business seriously and there are more regulations; you can't just bypass laws like that - you think you're cool by doing that and in your head you're thinking: "oh, that will never happen to us" - because it can happen anywhere at any time.

We also make sure now that all conditions are met; we have been to venues where in the backstage there is absolutely no exit: the exit is actually the stage, so if something happens, we would be trapped. 

CZB: With no windows.

Anders (Katatonia): No, nothing. So this is something you think a lot more about now. It is sad that it had to go that far for people to open their eyes and see how important that is with not taking precautions and making sure that accidents like that can't happen - and that people actually can EXIT. It is very important having a proper emergency and escape system in case something goes wrong.



@ The 2016 Artmania Festival in Sibiu

July 29th, 2016

HERE: http://czb.ro/articol/11790/

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