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Crossover (Miskolc, HU)

Publicat in: 07.07.2016, 06:52AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Bíró Gubi József, Biri Mark, Crossover, Gbob Artmania Semifinal, Hamlet, Lengyel Ákos, Uzelman Szabolcs
Crossover (Miskolc, HU)

Crossover is a Hungarian rock band, formed in 2012.

Their style of music is influenced by Hard Rock and Stoner music.

Their first EP (Crossover - Fent szállok) was released in May, 2016.

Crossover signed up to the GBOB Romania competition, so we decided to find out a little more about them before they rock on stage at the Opdies Pub in Sibiu at the 2016 GBOB ARTmania Semifinal.


RiCo for GBOB Romania: How did the members of your band get together?

József Gubi Bíró (backing vocals, bass): Crossover is a Hungarian rock band, formed in 2012.

After some line-up changes, the band is currently composed of Uzelman Szabolcs (lead vocals, guitar), Biri Márk (rhythm guitar), Bíró "Gubi" József (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Lengyel Ákos (on drums).


RiCo for CZB.ro: What does CrossOver mean to you? 

József Gubi Bíró (backing vocals, bass, CrossOver): The band name is linked to electronics concepts. 


CZB: How many gigs have you had; what cities have you played in? 

József Gubi Bíró (CrossOver): We had a lot of concerts...I dont know how many exactly, but we played in Szeged, Miskolc, Eger, Nyíregyháza and many other towns in Hungary. 

The GBOB ARTmania Semifinal is our first "concert" out of our country.


CZB: How do you write your music? 

József Gubi Bíró (CrossOver): We go to the rehearsal room and jam and we build some songs starting from that. So our music is inspired from our souls. We don't know what musical styles the songs will feature until the songs are finished.


CZB: What is the Hungarian music scene like in 2015/6?

Gubi (CrossOver): We have a lot of small "amateur" bands in our country, so if you want to do something new... it's very hard to promote it! In the beginning you start playing in the small club circuit, and if you are lucky you can play at some festivals...


CZB: Is there anything that you think should be done better in Hungary to better promote young bands?

Gubi (CrossOver): We need to apply ourselves more to music and have more public appearances. I think the Hungarian media does not favor the rock music scene, so maybe that would be a start...



CZB: If you could have a superhuman power, what would this be? 

Gubi (CrossOver): If i could have a superhuman power, I think I would be flying in the sky!


CZB: What is your favorite book and your favorite movie? 

Gubi (CrossOver): My favourite book is Hamlet (by Shakespeare). I like the drama and old stories.

And my favourite film is The Dictator. It's a very funny movie :D


CZB: What is your aim as a band? 

Gubi (CrossOver): We want to talk about true and real stories for our public and we want to send out the massage: Life is nice so Get up and Let's begin to live! 

Méjk Sám Nójz!! Madafakka!


CZB: Why did you sign up for GBOB România 2016?

Gubi (CrossOver): We want to represent Hungary in the Final.


Interview conceived by: RiCo



  • Uzelman Szabolcs (singer, solo guitar b. 1994)
  • Biri Márk (rhythm guitar, b. 1994)
  • Bíró Gubi József (backing vocals, bass, b. 1991)
  • Lengyel FityMan Ákos (drums, b. 1994)


Former members include Farkas Dávid (drums), Dudás István (bass guitar), Egri Patrik (bass guitar), Fazekas László (drums), Jámbor Dániel (drums).


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