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Negura Bunget in 2015

Publicat in: 29.12.2015, 15:22PM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Negura Bunget in 2015

Now that we are coming to the end of 2015, it is time to take a short look at what we did this year. For the first time we passed the 100 gigs in a year limit, an accomplishment that we came close to a few times before, but never achieved it. This year we performed no less than 127 gigs, travelling over 100.000 km by van throughout the entire Europe and North America! It was a tremendous stretch in terms of endurance, planning and logistics, especially considering we worked everything out by ourselves, and we are very proud we were able to make it happen.
We started the year with the release of our TĂU album in March, an album that got an overwhelming response from you, our audience, and the media, an album released in two spectacular limited editions (the 72 pages art book, and the handmade wood box).

Shortly after we embarked on our lengthiest tour ever along Europe, with 80 dates spinning around the continent, from Greece to Sweden, Poland to UK, Denmark to Malta, Finland to France, Lithuania to Italy or Spain to Romania. We had our share of thrills along the tour, got our van broken twice, equipment stolen, members getting sick and going home, we performed in a 5 members line-up, then 4, then even 3… yet no obstacle managed to stop us. We took each provocation as a challenge, and emerged stronger than ever at the end. Overall, it was an amazing experience that we feel have been privileged to undertake and share with you.

We completed the year with a 44 dates tour in North America, which only took things to another level in terms of experiences and thrills. With several members indisposed, and singer Tibor Kati denied the US visa, we started the tour with only two full members of the band (drummer Negru and bass player / vocalist Ovidiu Corodan). But with the help of our tour partners Johann and Andri from Dynfari we managed to pull out some special performances. We've travelled all across the Northern American continent playing and enjoying the natural elements, in an experience that enriched our horizons to further depths. We had the chance to also visit Mexico for the first time, and although we haven't played there, we met so many friends and found so much enthusiasm that we are determined to make that happen as soon as possible!

We also performed in Iceland for the first time this year, with the help of our friends from Dynfari. As a last experience of the North American tour it was for sure a memorable one.

Finally, we ended the year with a couple of performances in Romania, including one at the Top T Festival, the place where we performed for the very first time back in 1995. It felt like coming full circle. Unfortunately, these last performances have been on the aftermath of a terrible tragedy that hit the Romanian metal scene, which made us all re-think our priorities and paths.

How did we emerge from all these experiences? More humble and grateful for the amazing opportunity we have been given! You can be sure we'll work even harder from now on in order to continue this endeavor and take it to new levels. Thank you all for coming along with us on our amazing ride

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