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Sequence (SRB)

Publicat in: 06.10.2015, 06:16AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: American Football, Áron Eszes, Gbob Banat Semifinal, Grofov, Lord Of The Rings, Prison, Semifinala Gbob Banat, Star Wars, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion
Sequence (SRB)

We had a former band named Prison which was founded by Dániel and Áron in 2010. After 2 member changes Nik and Lara joined us in 2014 (Ákos, Dániel, Áron) and we thought it was a good time to change our name too.

Our first song as Sequence was Bloodshed. 

An american football team (Grofov) asked us if we wanted to write an anthem for their team. We were glad to do this. We made a music video for this song too.
At present, we are recording our first full length record and have just gotten through a summer tour in Serbia and Hungary. 

- Áron Eszes (Sequence)


Sequence signed up for the Rock and Metal GBOB Banat Semifinal (October 29th, 2015 at Daos Club in Timishoara), so we decided it was time to get to know the Serbian-Hungarian band a little better.


RiCo for CZB.ro: What does the Sequence mean to you?

Áron Eszes (Sequence): We really spent a lot of time with choosing a proper band name. We wanted something that had a connection with our former name Prison. Unfortunately, everything we made up had already been taken by other bands so we stopped searching for names connected to Prison

Because this band was our next step, or sequence, in our life - we just simply chose Sequence for our band name.


CZB: How many gigs have you had; what cities have you played in? 

Áron Eszes (Sequence): We've been playing as Sequence for a year now and we've had approximately 25 gigs. We played in our hometown Senta and lots of other cities in Serbia such as Becej, Subotica, Temerin, Kanjiza, Moravica, etc. We played in Hungary too in Budapest, Szeged, Szolnok, Szabadszállás, Dunaújváros, etc. 

Once we even had a chance to perform in Slovakia.


CZB: Tell me about an interesting situation you had on the road with the band? 

Áron Eszes (Sequence): After a show in Serbia our vocalist Ákos was invited to a birthday party and he had drunk enough to feel safe to fall asleep on the street on his way to a birthday party - after he got out of the van. After an hour or so some dudes woke him up to ask him if he knows where a birthday party is taking place. Luckily, Ákos was invited to the same party - so he sent them in the right direction.


CZB: How do you write your music? 

Áron Eszes (Sequence): Dani and me come up with an idea or riff. We try it out - if it works at home - and we show it to the others at the rehearsal. If it’s okay for the rest of the band I look after a lyric (which I write before) if it fits to the song.

All messages have already been sent on this Earth so we do not want to send any really clever messages (through our music). If someone is digging our music enough to read the lyrics he will see there are no world saving themes or anything like that. If anything is bothering me, I write it down. That’s all.



CZB: What is the Hungarian music scene like in 2015?

Áron Eszes (Sequence): Because we live in Serbia but very close to Hungary, we see both country’s metal scene. Unfortunately, just a few people are willing to go to shows but in Serbia those people MOVE when they are at a concert. In Hungary everyone is just sitting or standing even if the band is good (of course there are decent metal fans in Hungary too). 

This is just sad.


CZB: Is there anything that you think should be done better in Serbia to better promote young bands?

Áron Eszes (Sequence): Because we live in Serbia but close to Hungary, we see both country’s promotional strategies. I think the promoters are doing a good job. Besides Facebook events, Facebook shares, some flyers, radio ads are the ways you can promote your bands and shows. But there is a bad vibe from the organizers of festivals or shows. They do not want to give local bands a chance. Or if they give them a chance they will not offer them any money. We are talking about just 10-20 euros to pay for gas.


CZB: If you could have a superhuman power, what would this be? 

Áron Eszes (Sequence): If I could have any kind of power I would choose to be able to look into great people’s minds to understand how they became great men.


CZB: What is your favorite book and your favorite movie? 

Áron Eszes (Sequence): In the band everyone (exept Nik) is a big Star Wars and Marvel fan. Dani and me love the Tolkien era too, so Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit and The Silmarillion are our favourite books.


CZB: What is your aim as a band?

Áron Eszes (Sequence): We want to gain more popularity in our area first (Austria, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, etc.) so we want to organize a club festival tour in a 500-600 km radius. We will see what other plans we have after we've confirmed this.


CZB: Why did you sign up for GBOB România in 2015?

Áron Eszes (Sequence): We signed up because we love going to contests and unfortunately there is no GBOB neither in Serbia nor in Hungary so we had an idea - and we signed up for the Romanian GBOB competition.


Interview conceived by: RiCo for CZB.ro


Sequence Line-up

  • Bogár Ákos (singer, b. 30.JUL.1991)
  • Eszes Áron (guitar, b. 26.NOV.1993)
  • Sándor Dániel (guitar, b. 22.MAR.1993)
  • Delić Larisa (bass, b. 7.MAY.1989)
  • Nagypál Nikk (drums, b. 13.APR.1994)

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