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Admiral C4C. ABOUT Coming to Romania

Admiral C4C. ABOUT Coming to Romania

Admiral C4C (b. in Lagos, Nigeria) has been active on Romanian TV during the past couple of years, promoting the Me Bunga, O.M.G. and Boom Bang singles.


RiCo for CZB.ro: When did you first come to Romania?

Admiral C4C: My girl was into music, with the female band 3elle. One day I came home and I was chilling out on Facebook and I saw three girls chasing fellow musicians; before you knew it, my future wife was coming to asking me about my music. Then she proposed a collaboration… and back then I didn't know anything about Romania. I knew people from Romania: Alexandra Stan, Inna, Fly Project… but I didn't know they were from Romania. 


So I said, "OK, if you want to do music with me, this is what you have to do" …and then we were communicating officially. We started getting close until it came to record the song: Boom Bang.


So then they were telling me: we have a good producer, that producer from Alexandra Stan. I actually worked with the same House production that produced Alexandra Stan (MediaPro Music). I thought, this is going to be nice. 

- OK tell your producer to send me any instrumentals they want me to work on and we'll do it. So i received the instrumentals, which I listened to again and again; then I composed the music, then I named it Heart Seizure, It was featuring the trio my girl was singing with. 

The first time I stepped on this land (2012), I was here for 8 days; I got here through the internet and she ended up being the mother of my son.

I was Omega C4C at that time, not Admiral C4C.

What we do in Cyprus is far from what you do here. She was crazy about me. It is nothing compared to what we do there; it is all about Party, Party.

She was very interested in what kind of a guy am I, that I am always in PARTY videos? I saw her as a FAN, nothing more. She was talking to my management and trying to get me to come to Romania. I came for a gig and got paid, and then the next evening we met to talk and I couldn't believe it. The first time I was here it was crazy. I came here for the parties; it was crazy parties, crazy hype, crazy everything. --- 

That was the first time I came to Romania and it was splendid.

I just love Romania. Everything was so nice.


Then I went back to Cyprus, where it was recorded. I did the voice and recorded the song, then sent it back for them to do the mixing and mastering - and that was it. 


Then I was already having a relationship with the girl. So she was coming to Cyprus to see me and one of those times, the manager, Mr. Fane Nagy, from the Semnal M Band, who was representing the girl band in Romania, talked to me about going on an 8 city tour together with 3elle.


Those people actually brought me into the Romanian scene. So that was it and, before you knew it, my girl was pregnant and that is the main reason I changed my priorities from my music career to my personal life. 

I am the kind of guy, like I told you, that looks after his family.


I only asked her, "do you want to keep it?" She said Yes. 

- OK, then it's a responsibility to be there for her and the child. 

I was now obsessed about my son. I must be there. 


I flew to Romania to take care of her and was insisting to take her down to Cyprus.

She was saying: I am only here because my mom has cancer and she is her only daughter. So I had just one option: if I want to be with her, I have to be around them. I knew I could not stay permanently though. 

I think that was the first time I met you, Richard. 


Along the line, after we fell in love and had the baby, then there was a possibility of taking care of the son and being more often in Romania. My musical interests in this reason - music here is seen from another angle and there is not much I want to say about that… all I know is that we all have to add up our own little efforts to make it better.


Admiral C4C: I had a problem. How can I be operating in Cyprus from here? My girl said that she'd been working in the music business for a while and she knows some people, and that they were all interested in me. 

I was on the road all the time during this period. One week here, then back to Cyprus; then I'd come back for another week, and would be invited to appear on TV. 

So she said, "the people like your music. If you really care about us, why don't you sign something here and then you can keep the income coming".

I was very scared about abandoning Cyprus. 


Cyprus is the only life I knew then.

She was giving me hope that I could be whatever I wanted to be, and that I should start thinking outside the box. That was when I started thinking about having something to do here with the music. 

Then she introduced me to the Semnal M guy, Fane Nagy, who started taking me to TV shows and confirming gigs for me.

So he then told me that we had to shoot a song.


ABOUT Commercial Music Productions

Then I met some guys that called themselves Commercial Music Productions; they are a DJ Set from Cluj. My girl introduced me. He's an ambitious young man. He lacks real knowledge in the business but he is very ambitious and I liked his spirit. I remember I told him, "Chriss, I like your spirit and I like what you are about. You know what? What you're proposing, I'm going to do with you. I don't really believe in the so called big names".

It depends on you if you want to be there. So if you want me to do anything with you, you owe me something, you owe me the determination and the spirit of never say die. It's the only thing I see that you can be able to conquer whatever.

So we did a song then, Me Bunga. We were trying to put together a video for this. Then the Semnal M guy was still my manager, but he turned into a supervisor for this project because he knew me from the word Go. 



The people around me tried to make me understand that I was bigger than this; this is not what you need for your music now and i was trying to convince the video production team of my own way of reasoning. Anybody can do anything; why don't we just give them a chance? Unfortunately, it didn't work out.

I had to tell him what was happening now, "whatever you want to continue to do musically, I owe it to you: my contact, my phone is open to you at any time. Whatever you want to do, concerning music, I am ready to support you with my talent and expertise but I think, because the Seminal M guy has always been my adviser, I think I have to move on to the next level". 

Then I moved on to Adi Tetrade. "OK", I said, "let's have a trial with this; before we put anything down on paper, let's see how we do with the promotion of this one". They agreed.


For that same song Me Bunga, when they said it wasn't good enough, I contacted one of the partners in Italy. I traveled to Italy to redo that song and Me Bunga was produced by them, but they always outsource to mix and master. 

My girl introduced me to someone new again, called Adi Cristescu, a musician in Bucharest. Splendid. In my history of music, that is one of the best guys I have dealt with regarding mixing and mastering.

He mixed and mastered Me Bunga, after which Anthony Icuagu, final touched the video and I gave it to Adi Tetrade, just lying low there, doing nothing.



I don't need to waste my material with these producers; it's a political thing here

If the music is not produced by YOU, you don't feel an obligation to release the music.


I fly in my DJ every time I need him (DJ M.I.G., resident at two clubs in Vilnius, Lithuania); we are still working together. 

I just mean to tell you the kind of person I am. There is something the streets taught me: loyalty and honesty to people you are close to. If I love you or I see you as something that is part of me …then I take a bullet for you in the street. That is my way of reasoning. 


ABOUT the Nigerian Music Scene

One good thing about me now is that almost all the lads I left back in Nigeria are playing in the top game now. Nigeria's Music Industry has escalated beyond whatever we could have ever imagined. If I knew that the music industry was going to be like this, probably after I finished my education, I would have gone back home. An average national artist in Nigeria earns nothing less of 5,000 euros for a spot in a playback show. We are big; playing on the same level with America. After petroleum, the next successful industry in Nigeria is the Music Business. And the word Black Race is Mighty. Almost all international TV stations have their own outlets in Nigeria now for Africa. If you are an artist and you are promoted on TV in Nigeria, you can be sure that 70% of the Black Race has seen you.


The CZB Interview was conceived by RiCo





Admiral C4C. Drop the boom (Cat Music, 2014).

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