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Nuclear Muffin (Cluj-Napoca)

Publicat in: 02.11.2015, 06:54AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Nuclear Muffin
Nuclear Muffin (Cluj-Napoca)

Nuclear Muffin = energia unei explozii nucleare, combinata cu placerea pe care o simti cand mananci o briosa :)


Today somebody asked me why the band is called "Nuclear Muffin" and I was like... "I was searching for an idiot name and my gf said you can call it muffin and I was like: neah, we need something to show how tough and manly we are! so shall be it! NUCLEAR MUFFIN!" and his answer was "cool story bro."

- Nuclear Muffin, Facebook. 21.OCT.2014

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