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PlugIN (HU)

Publicat in: 07.06.2015, 13:23PM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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PlugIN (HU)

The bass player, András, and the guitarist, Adam, met in another band in 2012. Adam has a good friend - and through this friend the band met its future frontwoamn, Csilla. In May 2013 PlugIN was nominated to a local competition in Debrecen hence the band formed. When starting out, the band played acoustic blues with a bass, guitar and vocals. PlugIN has cooperated with several drummers in the past and at the moment has stable drummer, Kristóf

Adam wrote the first song and this song is the only one which is in Hungarian. The band rehearses sometimes in Debrecen and sometimes in Hajdúszoboszló.

For this email interview we did before PlugIN competed at the GBOB Romania - 2015 Crisana Semifinal, András Czeglédi answered the questions.


RiCo for CZB: How did the band members get together?

András Czeglédi (bass guitar, PlugIN): Ádám and me played in the same band since 2010. Csilla was a common friend with Adam and Adam's best friend. So we decided to form a blues-rock band.


CZB: What does PlugIN mean to you?

András Czeglédi (bass guitar, PlugIN): Wow. To find name was hard thing. For our first concerts we used several names. Then we had a brainstorming session with some of our friends to see which name would be the best and PlugIN won. 

Anyone who plays electric musical instruments knows the first thing we have to do if we want to hear our sound: plug in the instruments, the electricity, effects, jack cables, etc. 

And all these steps have special and magical feelings. 


CZB: How many gigs have you had; what cities have you played in? 

András Czeglédi (PlugIN): Since our formation we have had approximately 50 gigs, just in the last year (2014): 28. The most concerts were in Debrecen. The other cities are Hajdúszoboszló, Budapest and Derecske (all in Hungary).


CZB: Tell me about an interesting situation you had on the road with the band?

András (PlugIN): We had a concert on 1st May outdoor and the wind was very strong. During the concert the wind began to destroy the stage and the staff had to repair it while we were playing. 

Freddie (Mercury) was right: The show must go on!


CZB: How do you write your music? 

András (PlugIN): Adam is the brains in the band. He wrote the most music and the riffs or sometimes the texts. The text to most of our songs are written by Csilla. 

We don't have a special message or goals. We just adore to play music and want to do this at our best form. We want the audience to enjoy the music we play …and show them the magic of live music



CZB: What is the Hungarian music scene like in 2015?

András (PlugIN): In Hungary there are very many amateur bands and these bands cover almost all music genres of live music. On one hand it's a good thing because everybody can find their ideal style, but on the other hand it has a down side: it's very difficult to build up a constant audience. Even if we have 250 likes on Facebook, it doesn't mean that we have 250 guests at our concerts, nor 100 - or 50. 

In the best situation we have about 20-30 guests at most. 

There are many festivals in Hungary during the summer but these have the same lineup's. It's very hard to have access to these festivals as a band if you don't have friends or an insider. And even if you access to a festival you often have to play at an impossible time (like

1 or 2 a.m. or in the afternoon). 

The organizers should change this concept and give more chances for amateur bands to play to bigger audiences, not just for an afterparty. 


CZB: Is there anything that you think should be done better in Hungary to better promote young bands?

András (PlugIN): Yes! Nowadays the only thing that matter is what relationships you have and money. It's okay because this is the show business …but the media should help the young bands to lift up and promote them.


CZB: If you could have a superhuman power, what would this be?

András (PlugIN): It would be teleportation. 


CZB: What is your favourite book and your favorite movie? 

András (PlugIN): My favourite book is Alastair Reynolds: House of Suns and the movi is the Matrix trilogy 


CZB: What is your aim as a band?

András (PlugIN): To show the people that the blues is an enjoyable gender and that live music is the best.


CZB: Why did you sign up for GBOB România 2015?

András (PlugIN): In Hungary our genre of neo-blues isn't too popular, because it's a little bit complex and the people don't like to listen to the music for too long. We hope the international audience will be more open. 


Interview written and conceived by: RiCo for CZB.ro


2015 Line-up

  • Lakatos Ádám (guitar, vocals)
  • Czeglédi András (bass guitar, vocals)
  • Oláh Csilla (singer)
  • Pálvölgyi Kristóf (drums)


PlugIN won the Benediktus Production Award at the 2015 GBOB Romania - Crisana Semifinal and will be returning to Romania for a club tour in the Fall.

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