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Prophecy Fest 2015

Publicat in: 21.05.2015, 12:00PM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Balver Höhle, Prophecy Fest 2015
Prophecy Fest 2015

On September 19th, 2015 the Prophecy Fest, our first label festival in nine years, will take place in the cave of Balve, Germany!

Since some weeks the billing is fixed, and we are proud of a varied program reflecting Prophecy's diversity. Many premiers and other special performances will surely make this a day to remember! Here's a list of all performing artists in alphabetical order:

Amber Asylum - first European concert since 2011.
Camerata Mediolanense - special show with "L'altro coro", a choir of 30 voices.
Crone - world premiere.
Darkher - first concert in Germany.
Empyrium - special set with songs from “A Wintersunset...”, “Songs Of Moors & Misty Fields” and “The Turn Of The Tides”.
Lifelover - 10 year anniversary show with songs from the entire discography.
Tenhi - first concert in 8 years.
Vemod - German premiere with a special set attuned to Balver Höhle.
Wöljager - reading "Münsterländer Sagenwelt“.

Further information on Prophecy Fest: 

The public ticket pre-sale started last week and the run took us by surprise. Even at this early point about three-quarters of the available tickets are sold! Tickets are still available at the Prophecy ticket shop:http://live.weltnetz.lu/en/titel/prophecy-fest-19-09-2015-balve/

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