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2015.MAR.23. CJ. Flying Circus Pub. FronT, Jinjer

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Etichete: Concert La Cluj, Flying Circus Pub, Front, Jinjer
2015.MAR.23. CJ. Flying Circus Pub. FronT, JinjerJINJER is a Ukrainian female fronted band which plays a mixture of progressive metalcore and groove metal, with some inlays of funk, reggae and jazz, though on their second LP the band is shifting a bit to death metal of the European school according to band members. 

JINJER was formed in 2010, when Tatiana Shmailyuk joined the guys as a vocalist. In 2013, the band was acknowledged as the best metal band of the year in Ukraine. 

Tatiana Booyaka Shmaylyuk : Vocals
Eugene Abduhanov: Bass
Dmitry Oksen: Guitar
Roman Ibramhalilov : Guitar
Eugene Mantulin : Drums


SUPPORT: 15 lei

FRONT - Cluj-Napoca 
Looking back on the 5+ years since we've started translating our numerous ideas into the audio world...

Back in 2009, Mihai Șarlea <vocals> together with Ciprian Sav <guitars> decided it's high time to start looking for band members. It all started when Iuliu Kadar aka Doc joined on bass guitar and Sergiu Fănică aka Sergo joined on drums. We issued "Where Do You Go", our first single, and it got a lot of good vibes in Romanian rock radio charts, at the time.

Up to 2011, the band changed a lot, around Mihai Șarlea and Ciprian Sav, only to resurface together with Doru Nedelcu on solo guitar, Călin Cămărășan on drums and Cosmin Cocrean on bass guitar.

After a pretty impressive (and demoralizing) hiatus, in 2014, we've managed to add drummer Julia Kocis to our lineup and restart playing. We redid some of the old songs, but we're mainly focusing on the multitude of new songs Ciprian's been composing during the (long) break. But, enough, chit-chat, see you on stage!


Afterparty: Blue Monday cu DARKMa][ER
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