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2014.NOV.5. UK. London. Cafe Oto. Rodion GA

Publicat in: 08.09.2014, 06:56AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Adrian Caparu, Gicu Farcas, Rodion G.a., Rodion Rosca
2014.NOV.5. UK. London. Cafe Oto. Rodion GAUpset The Rhythm presents… RODION G.A. live in London for the first time ever!

RODION G.A. are without doubt, one of music’s best-kept secrets. That’s despite being around for nearly forty years. The story begins when a musical visionary decided to form his own band in Romania four decades ago. It was between 1975 and 1976, when the Rodion G.A. story begins. That’s when Rodion Rosca formed the band that bore his name. This would be no ordinary band, far from it. Rodion G.A. would become one of the most innovative bands in Romanian musical history.

In 1975, Rodion joined with Gicu Farcas and Adrian Caparu to complete the lineup of Rodion G.A. By 1975, Rodion had amassed an eclectic selection of equipment and established a reputation as a D.I.Y. tech wizard. He created his own unique way of creating music on reel-to-reel tape recorders, using the various tape machines to multitrack. His nascent studio included several Tesia tape recorders, drum machines, phasers, flangers and fuzz pedals. Then there were a toy Casio VL Tone and a Soviet made Faemi organ. Like the music Rodion G.A. were making, the equipment they were using was just as leftfield and eclectic.

Sadly, Rodion G.A.‘s career lasted just over ten years. In 1987, after the death of his mother, Rodion Rosca walked away from music. For the next twenty-five years, nothing was heard of this charismatic, enigmatic and mercurial musician. Then Luca Sorin, a blogger and filmmaker became interested in the mythology that surrounds Rodion. Luca discovered a handful of tracks by Rodion and footage of their 1980 NYE concert. He posted this online. This came to the attention of Future Nuggets. They’re a collective of musicians and producers who are determined to preserve Romania’s musical heritage. Then in 2012, Rodion G.A. made their comeback, after twenty-five years away from music. Then a year later, Rodion G.A. released their debut album 'The Lost Tapes', on Strut Records to acres of praise and press attention. Since then, Rodion G.A.’s comeback has continued apace.

Earlier this year, another Rodion G.A. release hit the shops. This was none other than Rodion G.A.‘s soundtrack 'Delta Space Mission' released on Record Store Day 2014. Fans worldwide were determined to get a copy of this previously unreleased musical Magnus Opus. The lucky ones weren’t disappointed.

Now Rodion G.A. have decided to embark on their first European tour and will be making their debut London performance for us at Café OTO on bonfire night. Suitably exciting I'm sure you'll agree and no need for any "there will be fireworks" punnery as that is a given! 

"Dissident, garden shed, East-bloc space rock... Monstrous!" - MOJO Magazine

"This is some of the raddest music you’re likely to hear this year. Rad in its overall excellentness and radical as to its forward-thinking nature, sounding so even today, though recorded at the height of Ceausescu’s suppression and censorship. (...) But for now The Lost Tapes will keep you mesmerized for long into the future." - The Quietus

"A raw, hypnotic and utterly absorbing brew of distorted synth riffs and Krautrock rhythm. Rodion's music sounds fantastic today." - Q Magazine

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