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2014.JAN.25. The Hang features Jim Eigo of Jazz Promo Services

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2014.JAN.25. The Hang features Jim Eigo of Jazz Promo Services
Jim Eigo & Son Jamie Eigo @ Jazz Connect 2014
Photo by John Abbott
The Hang, a YouTube talk show about Jazz, is a one-hour program broadcast live weekly on Bret Primack’s Jazz Video Guy YouTube channel, and then available on demand as a YouTube video.  Utilizing Google Hangout technology, the Hang is a group video conference featuring discussions, one on one interviews and master classes.
After the live broadcast, the half hour program is edited into 5-8 minute video clips so that viewers can focus on the content that has the most value for their individual needs.
This Saturday, January 25, 2014, Jim Eigo of Jazz Promo Services will discuss new strategies for promotion and share some of the highlights of his remarkable four-decade career in the music business.  Jim will be joined by several of his clients, one an established musician, Dave Stryker, and another, a new voice, guitarist P.J. Rasmussen, to provide specific examples of how he promotes artists.
February 1st – Shirazette, Mimi and Camille – Look Out World!  Feburary 4 marks the simultaneous release of three recordings on the Hot Tone label:  Shirazette Tinnin (Humility: Purity of My Soul), Mimi Jones (Balance), and saxophonist Camille Thurman (Origins).  Jones, Thurman, and Tinnin have already established impressive track records as instrumentalists, vocalists, composers, and bandleaders and their appearance on The Hang celebrates the rising tide of talented young musicians now emerging on the Jazz scene.
February 8 – Jon Gordon:  Jazz Musician and Author.  Former Thelonious Monk competition saxophone winner Jon Gordon has written a new memoir, “For Sue.”  Mr. Gordon will discuss what happens to Monk Competition winners, his mentor Phil Woods, and, how he made the transition from musician to author
Visit the Hang’s Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/thejazzhang
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