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Kasim Keto despre Nelson Mandela

Publicat in: 05.12.2014, 06:46AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Kasim Keto, Nelson Mandela Apartheid, South Africa
Kasim Keto despre Nelson Mandela

CZB: How did you feel when you found out about Nelson Mandela's passing away (18.JUL.1918 – 5.DEC.2013)?

Kasim Keto: I felt a lot of things, especially at this point in my life. 

It made me look at what it is to be a man, look at the some of the things that he had to fit into one human experience, imprisonment, torture and so on and still he managed to become not just a symbol of peace and hope but also forgiveness, forward thinking and social evolution. All politics aside, his experience taught us how much we still have to learn about what it is to be human. His memory will always serve as a reminder of that forever. 






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