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Publicat in: 28.11.2013, 06:05AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Nimfonia is the former Nirvana cover band which, until recently, called itself Bloom.

They are touring through Hungary and Romania along with the Metallica cover band Masterpiece, from Cluj-Napoca. CZB is promoting the tour. We have already published the interview with Masterpiece guitarist, Nimrod.

Last week we interviewed Nimfonia’s bass player, Piiit, through e-mail.

What is most interesting from our point of view are the questions related to the way the Hungarian Music Industry works at the beginning of the new millenium.

CZB: How did the members in the band meet?

Piiit: We are old friends. I know the Debreczy brothers since my childhood.

CZB: Your first name for the band was Bloom. When did this project start out?

Piiit: I't an old story. Our first name was Don Stupid. It happened in 1992, let's say this was our start. After a year and half we decided we will change our name to Bloom. From that moment on the band started to find it's way of expression.

CZB: Why Nirvana?
Piiit: We loved Nirvana from the beginning. They were very close to us musically and also their message was exactly what we wanted to express. We could totally identify with them.

CZB: What did you feel when you found out Kurt Cobain died?

Piiit: We were absolutely shocked. Unfortunately, we saw the signs of Kurt's tragedy before his death. We followed his life. I remember I was working in a bar ... the radio was on... then the news came... it took minutes for me to actually understand what happened. Then I called Zozo. My first question was "What now?"

CZB: What did you feel when you found out Michael Jackson died?

Piiit: My family and Nimrod's (from the Cluj, Romania Metallica cover band, Masterpiece) family were together at the pool here in Hungary. Again, the radio spread the news. I respected Michael Jackson for his work. I am not a fan of his, but I recognize his talent.

CZB: Why does Zozo have a separate MySpace page?

PiiitZozo had his MySpace page before we made ours for Nimfonia. We played in a band called Garden Of Eden and in that period Zozo made his page. But we don't have any side projects. We focus only on Nimfonia with our full energy.

CZB: How did you hook up with Masterpiece and try to exchange gigs?

Piiit: We are old friends with Nimrod and Andy from Masterpiece. In April, together with Zozo, we visited Nimrod in Cluj and then the idea came out.

CZB: Are you looking forward to this tour?

Piiit: Yes, we've been there and looking forward to the Romanian leg of the tour to see the people's reactions.

CZB: What is the music industry like in Hungary?

Piiit: There is a music industry in Hungary which is functioning but it works badly. I mean there are some music genres which are promoted too much and the true values are left behind. Most of the times those who are talented or trying to come up with something new are not helped by the media.

CZB: Do you have an artist sindicate that works for young artists?

Piiit: There are such associations, but they don't really succeed to obtain real results. Anyway it's a good thing they exist even though they are in the beginning stage.

CZB: Do you have Live Gig clubs in all major and minor cities?

Piiit: Yes, you can find clubs in every city but their quality varies.

CZB: What is the popular, commercial trend? Does this affect the rock music scene?

Piiit: The trend changes quickly. Normally musicians try to copy everything from the West.

CZB: Is there any kind of problem concerning students and high school teens PAYING THE TICKET to see a club gig? (we have this problem in ROmania)

Piiit: Generally the public who attends rock concerts is generally not so well off, but I can say everybody is able to find entertainment according to the size of their pocket. There are countless options, especially in Budapest.

CZB: Do you have a special pop-dance scene where artists do playback all the time, or do all major Hungarian acts have Live acts playing on stage?

Piiit: We can see of course a lot of playback acts, but great musicians would never go for that. We have big festivals where only Live bands are playing.

CZB: Do you have special genre radio stations or do most radio stations basically play the same music?

Piiit: In the last few years we are beginning to see a lot of small radio stations emerging who are trying to play different kinds of music.

CZB: Are all radio stations transmitting out of Budapest or do you have local radio stations in the larger cities as well?

Piiit: We have a lot of radio stations throughout the country. At least in the big cities.

CZB: Is there a young adult music press, or is everything based on BRAVO and POPCORN? Do you have music sections in daily newspapers?

Piiit: There is a big variety in press. Near the big names you can find the small magazines. There are also internet portals which are focusing on true value music.

CZB: Are posters still an important tool to promote gigs, or are most bands relying on MySpaceTwitterYahoo Messenger to gather their fan bases in Hungary?

Piiit: It all depends. Big bands with bigger budgets make posters and pay for posting, while smaller bands use the internet for promoting concerts.

CZB: Do major record companies sign new bands, of all genres, or is rock music discriminated as it is in Romania?

Piiit: Big record labels don't usually sign contracts with rock bands. But there are a lot of underground labels who are specialized on specific genres. Of course their financial background is limited. A very common thing among the small bands is that they themselves release the albums.


Interview conceived by RiCo

First posted: 29.OCT.2009


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