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Dirty Tactics

Publicat in: 12.09.2013, 06:28AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Dirty Tactics



CZB: You're celebrating July 4th on the road from Cluj to Slovakia. How American is that?

Gary (Dirty Tactics): We are always stoked to come to Europe no matter what time of year. We like seeing as much of it as we can. Fourth of July will definitely be a good one this year.


CZB: Being from Philadelphia, how many times have you seen the Liberty Bell?

Gary (Dirty Tactics ): A few times when I was young, I pass the building it is in all the time though.


CZB: Where were you when you found out about 9/11 and what did you feel about what you saw happening on TV?

Gary (Dirty Tactics ): I was at home sick and my father called me and told me to start calling my sister and cousin because there was a plane crash in New York. My sister was a student at New York University and my cousin worked in the World Trade Center, so I turned on the TV and watched the second plane hit while I was trying to call them. Luckily, both my cousin and sister were alright. It was definitely a stressful day for everyone in the country.


CZB: Do you have friends in Iraq and how do you view US foreign policy in the new Millennium?

Gary (Dirty Tactics ): I know some people that have gone to Iraq and lived and we know some who died too. I think as a band, we are all liberal minded and when it's something like Iraq, where it is so far out of our control, all u can feel is ashamed to be associated with that just because George Bush decided to run our country into the ground. As a band, we don't support the war, we hope it can be ended soon and get the troops out of there.




CZB: Is this your first tour in Europe?

Gary (Dirty Tactics ): This is our second tour of Europe, we were here in 2008 when we released the Gangster Stamina EP.


CZB: You have tour dates in Romania. How do you feel about playing in Transylvania?

Gary (Dirty Tactics ): We don't really know what to expect, but we are excited and looking forward to all the Eastern European shows for sure.


CZB: I could not find a band history on the net. When did the band get together? How old are you?

Gary (Dirty Tactics ): The band first started while I was still in high school with other members, but I played in other bands in between until we decided to start touring in 2005. So it has been a while, but we are all in our twenties.


CZB: How did the four of you meet and what bands did you play in before?

Gary (Dirty Tactics ): Dan and I went to school together and he started playing bass when we decided to start touring a lot. Chris and I met while touring in another band but we didn't like it so Chris was working for Street Dogs and I found us a drummer and we kept touring.


CZB: How many States have you played in? Is it hard for East Coast bands to play in Western States / is it a step by step thing, going State by State - in order to get to play across the continental US, or does it just depend on the way each band wants to travel around the country?

Gary (Dirty Tactics ): We have played shows in most of the American states and make cities.

Now it is very difficult to tour the entire US as a young band because it is so huge. We have done it a few times and it is really difficult unless you are opening for a bigger band, so we are hoping to come back home after Europe and do some American tours supporting another band and we definitely want to come back to Europe as well.


CZB: Where do you practice? Do you have a rented space or do you jam in someone's basement?

Gary (Dirty Tactics ): We jam in my basement for now, but we will needing a new space soon.


CZB: What is the club scene like in Philadelphia?

Gary (Dirty Tactics ): There's a lot of different scenes in Philadelphia, but there are still a few places like The First Unitarian Church, that have awesome shows, but we have been involved with organizing more DIY shows at my house and also at a friends warehouse, but a lot of places get shut down, so we are working on getting a new place since there is a really awesome scene growing in Philly again.


CZB: Where was your first gig and how was it?

Gary (Dirty Tactics ): That was a LONG time ago. I can't even answer!


CZB: Are you superstitious and how do you feel about answering a 13 question interview?

Hopefully it doesn't give us bad luck in Transylvania!


Interview conceived by RiCo for CZB



Saturday, July 3rd. 2010. Booha Bar

Cluj-Napoca, Romania



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