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The Kolin. Marko (HU)

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The Kolin. Marko (HU)

The Kolin was nominated for Best European Act at the 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards in Berlin.

Genre: pop, trash-trance, indie, new-rave


They have several internet pages under their spell, but you will find very little information about the band, at least for the moment.

They will be playing  their first Romanian gig in Cluj-Napoca, on 12.DEC.2009, so ClickZoomBytes emailed them a short interview.

Hope this gets you Kolinized!

The Kolin. Marko Linczenyi (vocals&keyboards)

CZB: Are you a sort of musical COLONY (Kolin)... where does the name come from?

Marko (The Kolin): The name is from two family names. One of my friend and I have a productions agency (film, video, photo, music, design etc.) with the same name and that was so practical to use the same name.

CZB: What is your stand on the European Community?
Marko (The Kolin): It's cool to sign our CDs Made In The EU instead of Made In Hungary

CZB: How do you see homosexuality and feminism developing in Eastern Europe during the next decade?
Marko (The Kolin): We don't care about these issues at all. I mean we really don't care if someone is a feminist or homosexual so neither do we speak about them.

CZB: What is the message behind San Francisco's video? do you know this link>
Marko (The Kolin): Of course we know that link which helped us to contact the Universal Music Group in London and in the U.S. It's an honor to be mentioned by Perez and get that really positive critics. But why does everybody expect some specific message? We just dance to the music and do some ballet.

CZB: How long do you think you need to Yell Into The Kazoo to be heard in Britain or over the Atlantic?
Marko (The Kolin): It depends on our label, Universal Music Hungary. Maybe we'll be heard only with our second album which will be released in March 2010. But you can buy it online all over the world.

CZB: What was MTV EMAs in Berlin like?
Marko (The Kolin): Take a look here:

CZB: Did you exchange some kind of interesting personal thoughts backstage with a certain artist you had wanted to meet for a long time?
Marko (The Kolin): We met Hans Peter Geerdes (H. P. Baxxter) from Scooter (Ooh, Yeah!) but missed Green Day who I really wanted to meet. As it turned out they were behind us all along in the red carpet but unfortunately I hadn't realized it then.

CZB: MTV has been losing in popularity, becoming too diluted from the first time it was transmitted in Eastern Europe during the 1990's. What are your thoughts on this?
Marko (The Kolin): I haven't got the faintest idea. It's not our business. Moreover in Hungary we have MTV just for a few years.

CZB: How did you manage to convince Universal Music Hungary to sign you? What did they tell you they saw in you?

Marko (The Kolin): At our really first gig we've got an I.D. card from one of the employee of Universal Music Hungary so there was no doubt we were going to see Universal Music Hungary about the release if our debut album. 

They didn’t tell us anything. We just started to work together.

CZB: How did the band form? Who is the person to blame for the existence of The Kolin?
Marko (The Kolin): That's me who formed the band and writes the songs. There were a few castings till I met Ivan (Staquian Agoston) who is the weirdest person in the world, one year later we met Ferigeri who's probably the worst guitarist in the world and the best part is they know that.

CZB: did you start out as a garage band playing small clubs to small crowds as an opening act, how long did this last and how long did it take for you to find your style?
Marko (The Kolin): There wasn't any turning point. Once in a while we've got some disco tracks and realized we could carry them well. And, you know, times are changing so a few years earlier that was cool stuff playing indie rock music … but nowadays that is so lame.

CZB: How do you see your musical style developing into the next decade?

Marko (The Kolin): Nowadays I'm listening to many songs from the 70's. I think that will be our way of course, mixed with rave and electro music, with a pop structure and rock’n’roll clichés.

CZB: After being nominated for the EMA’s in 2009, how has this helped your image in Hungary?

Marko (The Kolin): It definitely helped. We now have more gigs; we have featured commercials and we have a lot more lovely teenage girls following us. We’re told we are very lucky to be where we are.

CZB: What are you expecting from the gig in Cluj, as this will be your first time in Romania.

Marko (The Kolin): Me, I was in Romania 3 times before but only in Bucharest for shooting. I love that city. For the others this will be their first time to visit your country and they're so excited (as they are always).

CZB: What other countries have you travelled to for the first time in 2009?

Marko (The Kolin): There wasn't another country like this in 2009.

CZB: How long do you expect you will be touring to promote your debut album?

Marko (The Kolin): Just a couple of months, until our second album (named Ariel) will appear next spring!


Interview conceived by RiCo

Originally posted on the CZB Wordpress Blog on Dec. 11, 2009





The Kolin are

  • Marko Linczenyi (lead vocals, keyboards)
  • Staquian Agoston (Ivánka, drums)
  • Ferigeri (guitar)


  • Yell Into the Kazoo (2008)
  • Ariel (2010)

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