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Becky Elian (Dekadens)

Publicat in: 08.08.2013, 06:07AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Becky Elian (Dekadens)

Becky Goes To Canada.

Dekadens will play one last time with Becky Elian fronting the band, on May 29th, at the A Club in Bucharest.


CZB: Do you like Monty Python? what is your favorite sketch?

Becky Elian (Dekadens): *Laughs* Yes, I love Monty Python. Especially the movies: Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Life of Brian. My favorite skit is in the Holy Grail with the knight scene. Classic!

CZB: You mean when Sir Galahad meets the twin Sisters?

Becky Elian (Dekadens): The Black Knight scene where there's a battle, his limbs get cut off and he goes "it's just a flesh wound!"


CZB: What is the loveliest city you have gotten to see in Romania and why?

Becky Elian (Dekadens): I loved the look of Sibiu while we were there. Cluj has also grown on me because of all the experiences we’ve had there as a band.


CZB: How did you meet Jan? whose idea was it to start the band (Dekadens)?

Becky Elian (Dekadens): It was mutual. I was looking for a band and wanted to play live, after the split between my manager and I. Bogdan from Chester had told me that Jan was looking for a singer to start a band, and so we met. We had similar tastes in music, and started from there.


CZB: Dekadens MySpace. Your name has been deleted. On the band photo, there is a neon question mark covering your shadow. What do YOU feel when you look at this page now?

Becky Elian (Dekadens): Well I’m no longer the lead vocalist of Dekadens, so therefore I could only consider it to be perfectly normal. It was my decision to leave the band and although I feel sorry about it, this opportunity is something I cannot refuse.


I am leaving for Canada to start up a new band.


CZB: Have you thought of maintaining Dekadens as a pet project, playing once a year together?

Becky Elian (Dekadens): No, I am afraid that’s it with the boys as far as I know. I am leaving for Canada to start up a new band. I’ll be recording an album as of July in Canada. It’s going to be very different, and there’s sure to be a lot of synth. It’s a great opportunity because I love the Canadian music scene so I jumped at the chance. Bands like Metric, You Say Party! We Say Die!, and Controller. Controller are big inspirations for me. I’ll be sure to keep everyone up-to-date as to what’s going on.


CZB: Did the idea of doing something in Canada come up on the trip with Dekadens to Toronto’s Music Week? Did someone contact you in this respect?

Becky Elian (Dekadens): I met a friend of a friend who is quite well known within the music scene there. He wants to startup a project and we both have something similar in mind so we thought we'd go for it.


CZB: What was it like FOR YOU to play in the States? Was it what you expected?

Becky Elian (Dekadens): Canada and the US were amazing experiences. We played to large audiences who got more enthused as the show went on. By far, the best gig was at the Old Miami in Detroit. A bar which was the shadiest thing we’ve ever seen, famous for the discovery of the White Stripes and the Von Bondies. There were six bands on the bill that night, we must have been the fourth on. As soon as we started playing, we attracted everyone in the club. The feedback was amazing. Such a great experience.

I’m half Romanian and half British. I was born in London, and spent the better part of my childhood there.

CZB: Were you here with your parents or doing college work? Was Romania a chosen or a given destination?

Becky Elian (Dekadens): I’m half Romanian and half British. I was born in London, and spent the better part of my childhood there. My dad has a business over here so it made sense for the whole family to move to Bucharest. I used to go to school in Bucharest, and held a job for about two years while on the road with Dekadens.

In terms of a reunion… who knows what the future holds? But right now, it doesn’t look likely.

CZB: What will you be studying and do you see yourself returning in 3 years for a small reunion tour with Dekadens, for your hardcore fans?

Becky Elian (Dekadens): I am applying for University next year which is something that really needed to be done, but I never found a course I was interested in until now.

I’m doing Sociology, Business Studies and Economics. I’m doing my final exams in London next week. I’ll be applying for a course in Radio and Television in Toronto next year though.

In terms of a reunion… who knows what the future holds? But right now, it doesn’t look likely.


CZB: Do you consider your singing style to be more attuned to punk rock rather than indie?

Becky Elian (Dekadens): The songs which were composed within Dekadens were coming from more of an alternative or punk aspect, so therefore I sung them accordingly. I don’t think my voice is more fitting for punk; in fact I am apt for singing a multitude of genres.


CZB: Have you played with other bands in Britain? Can you compare the club scenes / do young, talented acts basically face the same problems everywhere?

Becky Elian (Dekadens): I started my music career in Romania at the age of twelve. I played with 2 punk bands in Romania when I was younger, and also had a solo career when I was 15-17 years old. I played at Cerbul de Aur and did a lot of other projects here.

However, I have been to a lot of gigs in the UK, and outside of Romania. I also know quite a lot of people within the music scene there. London in particular, has a great scene. Most bands have a circle of fans which they text when there’s a gig on and there’s an automatic crowd. Merchandise will also get sold by the dozens, which is a problem in Romania. But the competition in the UK is fierce. There are so many good bands, but if you don’t have contacts of something that sets you apart from the flock, the likelihood of getting anywhere is slim.


CZB: When did you participate at The Golden Stag? Representing UK?

B: Yes, I was representing the UK. It must have been 2006. It was just me on my own.

CZB: The Golden Stag was cancelled in 2006/2007.

B: My mistake, it was 2005. It just was so long ago.


CZB: How was the new singer chosen?

B: As far as I know, the new lead vocalist was chosen through auditions and asking around. The details of who she is will be up shortly after our performance in Club A on Friday May 29th with Asleep in the Park.


CZB: thank you for your time, and GOOD LUCK with future plans and projects!


Interview conceived by: RiCo

Originally posted on the CZB Wordpress Blog on May 26, 2009

Byte. (UPDATE, 2013): She is currently studying Commercial Music at the University of Westminster. It doesn't seem like she's playing with any bands at the moment, traveling back and forth between London and Bucharest. 
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