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Dead Pope’s Company (Garage Rock’n’roll, CZ)

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Dead Pope’s Company (Garage Rock’n’roll, CZ)

Dead Pope’s Company is one of a handful of East European Garage Rock’n’roll bands, that got together in the Czech Republic in 2004.


Dead Popes Company bass player, Jirka Giesl, better known to fans as Samuel Mondial, answered a few Click.Zoom.Byte questions before their first Romanian Tour starting later this week (14 – 17 October, 2009).

CZB: Did the Nun's Life Ministry inspire your name (anunslife.org/about) ... (how did you find this uncommon band name?)

Samuel Mondial (Jirka Giesl, bass, Dead Popes Company): Well not really, we played few of the first shows as Sexy Pigs Company (We don't tell this to anybody now but you can use it :-) ) and after like 4 shows we were about to change the name because we started to feel stupid to be called Sexy Pigs at all... So we were thinking about some cool band name… We were sitting at the bar and on the TV was full of John Paul II’s death, so I was like hey, what about Dead Pope's Company... The word “Company” was still in the game but the first 2 words we changed it into ,,Dead Pope's

CZB: If you could spend a whole night with a Girl Band, which would it be (nationality and time frame do not matter) ... if you have a free mind, name a Boyband as well.
Samuel Mondial (bass, Dead Popes Company): That's a hard question but I would prefer a night with The Clash for sure ... I can't remember any Girlband now, sorry… I'd like to spend a whole night with the nicer part of The Kills :-) (http://www.thekills.tv/)

CZB: Would you consider using Dadaist Art or Decadent Art for album covers ... or if we were living in the 16th century, would you hire Michaelangelo to paint something for your album covers?

Samuel Mondial (Dead Popes Company):  I like CD covers! We have a Demo which we're going to bring to Romania... and this CD has a very special cover! We were scared to use photo on the cover but for the debut CD we are already prepared great photos... You will see them one day. I'd like to have a banana from Andy Warhol :-) he’s my favourite artist... but the Dadaist Art would be nice too.

CZB: You are from Sumperk, Czech Republic? What would you suggest I visit as a tourist in your hometown?
Samuel Mondial (Dead Popes Company): The railway station... to buy a ticket and go away fast as fast as you can :-) No, I would show you some cool places, architecture, nature, anything you want…

CZB: Do you dream of rehearsing in a real American suburban home garage? In which city and state would this likely happen?
Samuel Mondial (Dead Popes Company): Seattle / Washington.

CZB: How has Michael Jackson's death affected you?
Samuel Mondial (Dead Popes Company): He died? Oh my God, I have to check the newspapers..

CZB: Why do you feel hasn't the fact that Prague is midway between Berlin and Vienna opened the path to Real Nightlife in the capital? What are mentalities like in the Czech Republic? I have been to Prague and it seems dead after 8 p.m.
Samuel Mondial (Dead Popes Company): Prague is a tourist city... If you are a rich tourist, you will have really big fun... There are many things to do but it's good to know some good locals to show you where to go... For me, Prague is full of strange people trying to get all of your money but if you have good friends there it's really nice and a good city... But a little bit expensive.

CZB: I understand Prague has a vivid punk rock scene. What are some Czech bands you would suggest we visit on YouTube to get an idea of music made in CZ and your personal tastes?
Samuel Mondial (Dead Popes Company): The most popular club band is Sunshine/ indie-electro-punk; they are really good... Pipes and Pints, Genius Mess Poets, Kill The Dandies, Degradace, The Neoromantix, Kazety... and my favourite Czech band is The Crooked Beats for sure...

CZB: In Wikipedia, it states that of your country's population, 60.0% are Atheist or agnostic and 27.4% are Roman Catholic. Are you of the 60% Atheist group, or are you just playing music under a bogus name for artificially grown album sales on a local level?
Samuel Mondial (Dead Popes Company): We used to have a Baptist singer but he was the black sheep of the family :-) We all are probably atheist but we like to listen to Christian radio called Proglas in the van - it's funny... Czech Republic was under the Communist regime and that's why most of the people are atheist, I think... unfortunately communists still have kept their small part in the Czech government..

CZB: Are you a popular band in The Czech Republic? What country would you like to be popular in apart from Czech Republic?
Samuel Mondial (Dead Popes Company): It's a long way...you know. But after every show we have more and more fans I don't know why… We want to be popular in Romania! and Tokio :-)

CZB: Do you have any sort of traditional Czech influences in your music or in what way have you adopted your own style of playing to a typical American genre of music?
Samuel Mondial (Dead Popes Company): We are not a typical Czech band - they sing in Czech and only about love... I was listening hip hop till I went to USA and found some cool people who showed me rock music. When I got back nobody recognized me.

CZB: You have only three singers in the band ... does the drummer have a very bad voice or is he still learning to coordinate his hands to the rhythm in the monitors?

Samuel Mondial (Dead Popes Company): In the original constitution of Dead Popes Company we had one singer and one backing vocal (me) but we have two new members and we started from the beginning with new songs and influences… So three voices are enough! The drummer has the hardest position in the band (for us).

CZB: is this your first time in Romania?
Samuel Mondial: Yes.

CZB: We are celebrating 20 years of capitalist poverty in December. When did the second Czech revolution take place and are you glad to be separated from the Slovaks?
Samuel Mondial (Dead Popes Company): That's nice! We wish you all the best for the future! It was all kind of fast for the Czechs and Slovaks that time but I think it's better for both of us to be separated, in the good way! We really like Slovakia! Our concerts there have always been awesome!
CZB: Do you feel safer now that you are using the Slovak Republic as a buffer nation between you and the Russians?
Samuel Mondial (Dead Popes Company): Nobody is  feeling safer from Russia :-) What is this, a political interview?

CZB: Are you expecting to meet your destiny here or end it in Transylvania, Stocker's vampire lair?
Samuel Mondial: Well I've heard from my friends who were in Romania that you use it as a good tourist advertisement :-) But your history is very interesting to us.

CZB: What will you bring us from the Czech Republic? I understand you make good mint liquor (apart from the good quality beer)
Samuel Mondial (Dead Popes Company): We can bring some typical Czech liquor but the Police would keep it for themselves, don’t you think? We are looking for some special taste of your typical drinks! See you guys on our rock'n'roll tour! Take care.


Interview conceived by: RiCo

Originally posted on the CZB Wordpress Blog on 14.OCT.2009




The band are

Peter Kissler - voce/guitar
Jacob S. Filipe - tobe
Samuel Mondial - voce/bass guitar
Mickey Foote - voce/guitar

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