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Davila 666 (Puerto Rico)

Publicat in: 25.04.2013, 06:07AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Davila 666 (Puerto Rico)

Tipping their hat to The Ramones, the group’s lineup,

  • Carlito (vocals, bass)
  • AJ (bass, vocals, piano)
  • Johnny Otis (guitar)
  • Panda (tambourine, maracas)

goes by the last name Davila.

Everyone, that is, except drummer

  • Sergio Navarez who is best known as The Latin Snake

The sounds of modern Puerto Rico are defined largely by Latin hip-hop, bomba and reggaeton, although a small enclave of punk and hardcore music exists in San Juan.

The Los Angeles garage punk label In the Red Records released Davila 666‘s self-titled debut album, an instant success with the label’s followers.

Doing their first tour of Europe, Davila will be making a stop at The Booha Bar in Cluj-Napoca as well (their ONLY Romanian date). Being the first Puerto Rican band to pass through our town, CZB could not pass the chance to talk to this latin-american garage punk band…

CZB: What is the most popular music regular people listen to in Puerto Rico and can you give me a couple of artist examples i can listen to on youtube?

Carlito Davila (Davila 666): Reggeton! like Daddy YankeeDon OmarPlan B.

CZB: How do you feel about the fact that spanish-speaking Puerto Rico is considered a US Territory?

Carlito Davila (Davila 666): We are very americanised but far from american. I mean we’re american because we live in the continent of america but that’s about it.

CZB: Is school taught in English with Spanish as the first foreign language or Spanish with English being the first foreign language, or are there both types of schools to choose from – what is different about going to school in Puerto Rico, compared to the US?

Carlito Davila (Davila 666): Most schools in Puerto Rico are in Spanish but there are some that are completely in English. They all suck cause you know, it’s school.

CZB: What was your first tour through the US like? How did the crowds treat you?

Carlito Davila (Davila 666): They treated us great!! It’s mostly rock’n'rollers you meet on tour so it’s fun most of the time.

CZB: You consider you sound like Menudo on drugs? How has Menudo inspired you to turn to garage rhythms?

Carlito Davila (Davila 666): No, they were just catchy, and oh so cute.

CZB: What would the SOBER, COLD TURKEY six-pack Davila 666 sound like?

Carlito Davila (Davila 666): It would sound the same, that’s just the way rock’n'roll needs to sound.

CZB: If you could open for any band in the world, which one would that be? (dead or alive)

Carlito Davila (Davila 666): DevoThe Ramones.

CZB: Do you realise that although Ricky Martin was very big in Romania ten years ago, you are the first Puertorican artists playing in our country? How do you feel about that?

Carlito Davila (Davila 666): Who’s Ricky Martin?

CZB: How the Devil did you come up with a name like Davila 666Carlito Davila. Does Davila mean anything specific in Spanish? How old is this name and does it come from Spain?

Carlito Davila (Davila 666): I believe it does come from Spain, I don’t think it has any specific meaning. Just a silly old name i guess.

CZBCarlito Davila. You lived in Seattle for a couple of years around 1996. How did it feel getting there exactly when the Grunge scene was fading out?

Carlito Davila (Davila 666): I don’t think I actually went for the “grunge movement”. I wanted to get as far away as i could from everything i knew at the time.

CZB: Is this your first time in Europe? How do you feel about this journey into the unknown?

Carlito Davila (Davila 666): When I was 16, I lived in Sweden in a town called Vaxjo, I’m very excited about touring Europe, just to see how people have fun in each country is enough to get excited about.

CZB: You record everything yourselves. How satisfying is it and do you feel this is the real alternative for the spirit of rock music at the beginning of the new millennium?

Carlito Davila (Davila 666): It’s the only way to make music the way you want to make it.

CZB: What was the best club you have played in so far and what makes it the best?

Carlito Davila (Davila 666): Too many to name, we try to have fun everywhere we go.

Interview conceived by: RiCo for CZB.ro



Tune in to Davila 666 on a Eastern Europe frequency near you.

  • 26 Oct 2010 Katarmeno Syndrome / Athens GREECE
  • 27 Oct 2010 Apira Moria / Thessaloniki GREECE
  • 28 Oct 2010 Swingin Hall / Sofia, BULGARIA
  • 30 Oct 2010 Booha Bar / Cluj Napoca, ROMANIA
  • 31 Oct 2010 Szabad az Á / Budapest, HUNGARY
  • 02 Nov 2010 TBA / Poland, POLAND
  • 03 Nov 2010 Cafe Kulturalna / Warsaw, Poland, POLAND Find Tickets
  • 04 Nov 2010 Dynamo / Turku, FINLAND
  • 05 Nov 2010 Bar Loose / Helsinki, FINLAND
  • 06 Nov 2010 TBA / Tartu, ESTONIA
  • 11 Nov 2010 Gambetta, Paris / Aubervilliers, Ile-de-France, FRANCE
  • 12 Nov 2010 TBA / Porto, PORTUGAL
  • 13 Nov 2010 Barreiro Rocks! / Lisbon, PORTUGAL

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