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The Cadaveres (HU) Bölcsföldi Zoltán and Szakács József

Publicat in: 11.04.2013, 06:40AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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The Cadaveres (HU) Bölcsföldi Zoltán and Szakács József

Featuring lead singer Bölcsföldi Zoltán and drummer Szakács József

Even though I am a huge death metal listener and I prefer not to manifest myself when I go to see a concert, because I try to analyze the sound or the stage play, it was hard not to jump like a monkey in front of the stage when The Cadaveres started their show. Cadaveres is one of few bands that plays hardcore somewhat more brutal than the usual hardcore bands, and still keep smiling like happy teenagers on stage, I find this attitude more than awesome.

Author: Sir Olaf Pol



Olaf: The second time in Cluj. Compared to the last time how did the public seem from up there?

Zoltán Bölcsföldi (Cadaveres): It is the second time for Cadaveres but seeing that we are both new members it is the first time for us. But overall it was a great show.

Olaf: With all the new changes in you line-up, is there a new sound just around the corner?

Zoltán Bölcsföldi (Cadaveres): Yeah definitely, I am the new singer, József is the new drummer. We play different styles compared to the old member not necessarily with the guitars but the whole sound is a bit different compared to the sound Cadavers had with the previous members

Olaf: How do you think the changes will affect your listeners?

József Szakács (Cadaveres): The lineup is not that old, we have to play more together to see what is going on.


Olaf: But these changes will have a good or bad effect on your listeners? Will you gain more fans or perhaps lose fans?

József Szakács (Cadaveres): I do not know yet man (laughs)

Zoltán Bölcsföldi (Cadaveres): I think we will gain more fans. Because all five of us have fresh ideas which I think are really good, melodic and powerful as well. Old Cadavers fans who saw this new line-up play live, told us this is the best line up yet.

Olaf: Sharing a stage with Watch My Dying, a band with a totally different sound, how do you see this experience?

József Szakács (Cadaveres): They are really cool guys. The music that they play is really good. First time I saw them, I was not that interested in the music that they play, but the more I saw them the more I realized that they play good music, they have to play more shows, and maybe in the future they will know more success.

Olaf: Do you think playing songs that have the lyrics in English influenced your listeners, gained more listeners compared to Watch My Dying?

Zoltán Bölcsföldi (Cadaveres): I think in Germany perhaps it is a plus for us that we sing in English, but for Romania where there are a lot of Hungarians it think they have the upper hand, and the meaning behind their songs can be deeper than our English lyrics.

Olaf: With the addition of József – ex-Ektomorf drummer – will this increase the popularity of Cadaveres?

Zoltán Bölcsföldi (Cadaveres): We haven’t experienced massive changes yet. We can see that we have a little more fans than usual, and they really like that József is now part of Cadaveres.

Olaf: How was this transfer decided? I mean it seems like there was sort of a transfer. You have our drummer we get yours.

József Szakács (Cadaveres): I knew Körmöczi – founder of the band – for a long time. And when Zoli – Ektomorf – called the drummer from Cadaveres and asked him to join the band. Körmöczi called me up and asked me if I wanted to join Cadaveres as their new drummer. Seeing that I did not have a job then I accepted the position.

Olaf: You still friends with the guys from Ektomorf?

József Szakács (Cadaveres): Well, you know the bass player from EktomorfCsaba – I talk with him sometimes on the phone because he now lives in Germany. But the rest band I do not speak. I do not know what they are doing or anything.  Is just like ending something and starting something new.

Olaf: Leaving Ektomorf, will it change you or will you remain the same insane drummer I saw in the live at Summer Breeze with Ektomorf?

József Szakács (Cadaveres): After 10 years playing one style it is pretty hard. I tried to change; I try to learn more drumming techniques. But rest assure nothing will change my spirit.

Olaf: When is the third album due? Have you decided on a name?

Zoltán Bölcsföldi (Cadaveres): No we have not decided on a name. It is because we are not flooded with ideas. Everyone in the band has 5 -6 new song ideas, and we have to collect the best from them to come out with a new album and we are planning to release it sometime in autumn.

Olaf: Will there be a tour to promote the album and do you include Romania on the touring list for the new album?

Zoltán Bölcsföldi (Cadaveres): We haven’t decided yet, but I am thinking there will be a tour. We play gigs all the time. Romania will be of course on our list.  Every year we came here for 3 – 4 concerts, so Romania will definitely be on our list.

Olaf: What is your opinion about the metal scene in Romania? What other bands are you familiar with?

József Szakács (Cadaveres): Not so many things about Romanian metal scene. I know a few bands, Guerrillas, Altar. When I was younger I listened to their albums, and there years ago I think I saw them live at a metal festival, and I was cool I finally get to see Altar live. Except these two bands I do not know anything about the Romanian metal scene.

Olaf: Did the lack of public influence you in anyway on stage tonight?

Zoltán Bölcsföldi (Cadaveres): Lack of public? How many were there, 50 people? I would not call that a lack of public. Yesterday we had indeed about 100 people but the show and the atmosphere tonight was better. It does not always depend on the number of the people in the crowd; if those present know how to make a good show we will make a good show.

Olaf: What advice do you have for up-and-coming bands? There is a habit in Romania for junior bands or new bands after they get a little attention to see themselves as stars, what would be your advice to them?

Zoltán Bölcsföldi (Cadaveres): To have a strong will power and practice a lot stay on the track with both your feet.

József Szakács (Cadaveres): Stay clean.

Olaf: I want to thank you for your time and hopefully we will see you in autumn prompting the new Cadavers album.

Zoltán Bölcsföldi (Cadaveres): Thank you too. Yeah we hope to come back as well



  • Peter Kormoczi – Guitar and Vocals
  • Zoltan Bolcsfoldi – Lead Vocals
  • Jozsef Szakacs – Drums
  • Kalman Gobolos – Lead Guitar
  • Balazs Delcsik – Bass
  • Mate Szabo – Percussion



Autor: Sir Olaf Pol

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