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The Language of Thought Hypothesis (metalcore, Slovenia)

Publicat in: 08.03.2013, 06:04AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Hardcore, Ljubljana, Metalcore, Radio Student Slovenia, Slovenia, The Language Of Thought Hypothesis, Thrash Metal, Tloth
The Language of Thought Hypothesis (metalcore, Slovenia)

Because that night was a giant haze and the voices on the recorder tend to confuse me, I can tell you that the interview with The Language of Thought Hypothesis was the funniest interview ever. So there will be no names presented because I might mix them up and I do not want to get the guys pissed. :p

Warning: this might get a bit silly.

Some readers may not make any sense of this.

I guess it’s all in The Language of Thought Hypothesis (TLOTH)

Sir Olaf Pol: We are talking to the coolest band in Slovenia:

TLOTH: Of course you are.

Sir Olaf Pol: Don’t you think that the name of the band is a bit too long, or hard to remember?

TLOTH: No, it’s like a honeymoon after you learn our name you are not in a marriage anymore. Actually our name is longer than our repertoire.

Sir Olaf Pol: The show in Cluj, you guys said it was the best 5-song concert ever. So how many songs did you play tonight?

TLOTH: I think we played 5 songs. We got stopped by the organizer because of the early curfew that this club (Irish&Music Pub Cluj-Napoca) has.

Sir Olaf Pol: How was the trip from Slovenia to Romania?

TLOTH: At first it was Croatia and then all the countries that followed to Romania.

Sir Olaf Pol: I heard you had problems at the border getting into the country?

TLOTH: Yeah, we had some problems. It goes like this. When you play a concert you load your instruments, amps, guitars, cabinets, plastic fuck dolls – everything that our guitarist needs to sing – and you load these in a car. We needed to fix the papers for the trip, to help us smuggle drugs, urine and people but we had a problem at the Serbian border with a guy who was looking like a gypsy with no job, and we waited one hour and a half at the Serbian border because of some problems with the papers and that’s why the Serbians are responsible for everything, world hunger, war and pizza. After leaving the Serbian border we got to the Romanian border which was pretty funny because I was showing the guy at the border the papers and he was like: “just go it’s OK”. And we were like:”we cannot just go, you have to sign this” and with all these negotiations at the border we lost another hour and a half. But we were thinking after we left the border and we were two hours late, that we will choose to take the fast roads – like the autobahn.

Sir Olaf Pol: The thing you didn’t know is that we have none of those.

TLOTH: Exactly, and we were like …what the fuck is this?

Sir Olaf Pol: And our roads are bumpy too.

TLOTH: Yes, we fucked up all our gear – they were joking of course – . All the lamps from the cabinets were gone. So that’s when we decided not to use the tools with lamps for the Romanian tour. But the gear is working OK now. We got here at 9.

Sir Olaf Pol: You should have arrived at 7, right?

TLOTH: Wrong, 5. We had a total of 2 stops in 9 – 10 hours.

Sir Olaf Pol: What is the metal scene like in Slovenia?

TLOTH: The scene is quite “big”, because the hardcore and metalcore scene is not that popular, most of the bands from Slovenia play thrash metal. The metal fans in Slovenia are not fans of metalcore, they do not see us as metal. We are not enough metal and not enough core for them. To them, we are punk or emo.

Sir Olaf Pol: In Romania we have the big cities where we have these type of clubs where bands can come and organize concerts, how are the works in Slovenia?

TLOTH: Slovenia, hmm, if there is a foreign band, there are actually 3 cities where they could play: Koper, Ljubljana and Maribor. And our band also plays in these three cities because the scene in Slovenia is not that big.

Sir Olaf Pol: Well Slovenia as a country is not that big. There are like 4 million people living there.

TLOTH: That’s true, but take Belgium, for example, is not big.

Sir Olaf Pol: But Belgium is not a country. They are evil and eat chocolate.

TLOTH: Exactly, Belgium actually is a great country and there you could play in every village. The scene there is better evolved, they support each other. In Slovenia we have a lot of jealousy. For example we are the ONLY metalcore band from Ljubljana.

Sir Olaf Pol: What is the mainstream music in Slovenia?

TLOTH: That Balkan shit, with Asiz – for you to better understand


Sir Olaf Pol: We have the same problem over here too.

TLOTH: I am sure that Romania has alternative radio, or you can listen to other type of music on the radio. And the only alternative radio in Slovenia is Radio Student which is crazy because they are fucked up from drugs. And the moderator is smoking pot during his show.

Sir Olaf Pol: How was the first experience in Romania for you? There were like 30 people in front of the stage. Did you feel any vibe?

TLOTH: Dude it was awesome. There were not so many people but they appreciate the show and the music. We felt at home, accepted.

Sir Olaf Pol: What are your main influences when it comes to composing music?

TLOTH: We do not like to be influenced anymore; we were like that at the beggining, if tomorrow we feel like making a black metal song that’s what we will do. So the main influence comes from the inside.

Sir Olaf Pol: What band from Romania did you hear of?

TLOTH: To be honest with you … none … – but you can write something down –

Sir Olaf Pol: Thanks a lot for all you time.

TLOTH: The pleasure was all ours.

For me this was the funniest interview I have ever taken in my life. It took a while to finish the interview because we were laughing our asses off every 5 seconds. The Language of Thought Hypothesis is definitely one of the best new bands Europe has to offer.

Interview by: Sir Olaf Pol


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