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The Shadowbirds (Psychobilly, HU)

Publicat in: 14.02.2013, 06:01AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Ati Edge, Ati Edge And The Shadowbirds, Hungary, Ionut Titus Ilesoi, Lee Rocker, Psychobilly, Rockabilly, The Shadowbirds, The Silver Shine, Ukrabilly Bang Festival
The Shadowbirds (Psychobilly, HU)


FEBRUARY 28, 2009


Ionuţ Titus Ileşoi: I understand that you have played before in Romania and wanted to ask you how come have you accepted the invitation again?

Ati Edge: I played in Romania a couple of times before with my other band named THE SILVER SHINE. With SHADOWBIRDS we wanted to play there a year ago or so but we could worked out only this time. Well, a good friend of ours runs a booking agency in Timisoara, He is an enthusiastic SHADOWBIRDS fan and he booked these shows for us.

Ionuţ Titus Ileşoi: Can you describe in few words the Hungarian Psychobilly scene?

Ati Edge: It is growing. There are a couple of psychobilly bands in Hungary. Gorilla is just back and I hope they will be active later this year. There’s Voodoo Allen who plays old style psychobilly in Hungarian. Yellow Spots who are mixing swing with psycho…… and of course my main band… called The Silver Shine. I can say the scene is growing in Hungary. We are booking a couple of bands from the abroad also and I can say there is more interest lately.

Ionuţ Titus Ileşoi: Why Psychobilly, why Shadowbirds and how did it all start?

Ati Edge: I play psychobilly since 2004 because I like this kind of music so much. It is politics free, only about fun, and musically the best style what I ever heard. Psychobilly is very opened for other styles like country, swing, metal, gothic, hardcore, new wave but the main line is between punk and rockabilly. So it is very diverse and I can’t compare it with other styles where only the same rhythm is going through on a song, on the whole album. You know what I mean… Well, the SHADOWBIRDS started as side project of THE SILVER SHINE. We wanted to do something different than before. We like old style psychobilly so much and I thought it wouldn’t fit with the “new THE SILVER SHINE” line, so we framed SHADOWBIRDS and in the future it will be my solo project under the name of ATI EDGE AND THE SHADOWBIRDS.

Ionuţ Titus Ileşoi: When and how was your biggest gig?

Ati Edge: The best one happened last year in Kiev (Ukraine) at Ukrabilly Bang Festival and the best one in Potsdam (Germany) at Psychomania Rumble No.2….. It was a three days psychobilly festival with the biggest names from the international scene. I can’t compare them because both of them were the big experience of my life.

Ionuţ Titus Ileşoi: Why in the majority of gigs you play with masks on?

Ati Edge: It has to do with the image of the band. You know, psychobilly contains horror and stuff like that….. And I think it looks funny because not so many bands use masks on stage.

Ionuţ Titus Ileşoi: Have you already formed a well developed Hungarian underground scene? What about your fans?

Ati Edge: Huhhh, great question. In really we’ve had a break during the last months and back only now. In really we got a lot of e-mails that “when will you come back” and so. We know some fans that are really waiting us back.

Ionuţ Titus Ileşoi: What is public opinion to your music?

Ati Edge: We got good feedbacks after our shows in Hungary and in the abroad also until now. We got good feedbacks also after our first MCD and we know some really enthusiastic guys who can’t wait our first full-length. The public feedback was really awe-inspiring especially in Vienna…. we just played as support of Lee Rocker (from rockabilly legend Stray Cats) in a very nice bar called Birdland. It’s under the Hilton in Vienna. A lot of rockabillies visited the show and there were some local people in black suits (maybe from the hotel) and we thought we will be stoned by these people… hahaha. We decided we will wear hockey masks if anything happens. We did….  the show went alright and after the show a couple of people came to congratulate us….. They liked our show and we just shocked a little bit.

Ionuţ Titus Ileşoi: Can you describe your sound in 3 words?

Ati Edge: Elvis meets Wolfman (laughs and laughs)

Ionuţ Titus Ileşoi: Do you have a message for the Romanian public?

Ati Edge: Nothing serious! (just being ironic) Just keep your eyes open because The Shadowbirds are coming! We can’t wait to show you what the “Monster Rock And Roll” is!

Ionuţ Titus Ileşoi: Thanks very much for your time and just can’t wait to see you live

Ati Edge: Thank you very much for the interview! See you soon!

Ionuţ Titus Ileşoi Interview




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