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The Toasters. Bucket. Part 2

Publicat in: 31.12.2012, 06:27AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: 2-tone, Pauline Black, Reggae, Rob Hingley, The Selecter
The Toasters. Bucket. Part 2

The Toasters, are “Ska Pioneers” (Billboard magazine) and boldly go where no ska band has gone before.

Due to their longevity and adherence to core principles, The Toastersare considered one of most influential Ska bands, having been compared to The RamonesThe Toasters sound is a mix of Reggae, Jazz, Punk and Soul rhythms.

British guitarist/frontman Rob Bucket Hingley brought the band together in New York City in 1981.

In the second part of the Interview, Bucket talks about The Music.

RiCo for CZB: Were you more into The BeatThe SpecialsThe Selecter or Madness?

What did you listen to first, British Ska or Jamaican Reggae?

Bucket: I first listened to Jamaican Reggae since it was already in the UK prior to the 2-Tone explosion through labels like Island *(distributed by Universal) and Trojan. There were huge hits for bands like Desmond DekkerHarry J Allstars and Judge Dread in the late sixties and early seventies. 2 Tone was an extension of that sound. My favourite band was The Selecter as I felt they had better songs in the reggae mould. Also they played less covers, unlike the other bands, and Neol Davies is a phenomenal guitarist. We were lucky enough to have him guest on a show in Birmingham recently. Pauline Black is also an excellent front person.


www.paulineblack.co.uk .The Queen of 2-Tone

CZB: Have you ever been at the same festival together with The Uptones and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and did you party backstage or did you sense competitive drifts between you?

Bucket: No, never with The Uptones. I am not a fan of the Christian Bands as they have too much free money from the church to subsidize themselves. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones are great and we get on well with them!

CZB: You’ve recently had cancelled dates in the States because of the van breaking down. Did the club owners agree to reschedule the dates or are you now on their blacklists for failing to appear? (the reason for this question is to find out if there is any added respect for older bands vs. newcomers which may be serious, shit happens, and it takes longer to fix moral damages)

Bucket: There were only 2 dates cancelled and we already made one of them up with a replacement show on this last trip. In rock and roll shit happens, you are right. Because we have been around a long time and have a good reputation, people know we are not messing around.

CZB: When was the most recent scam you encountered from a club owner? What was the (made up) excuse – and what was the real reason?

Bucket: Local promoters who end up not having the money at the end of the night. It’s not professional of me to name names here, but they know who they are!!!







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