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Publicat in: 17.12.2012, 02:26AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Bucket. On Politics

RiCo for CZB: Have you been to Jamaica with the band or on vacation?

Bucket: No – I don’t want to go to Jamaica and be a tourist. Besides, nobody there listens to Ska music anymore. In fact, if it wasn’t for Chris Blackwell bringing the form to England, it would probably have died out.

CZB: What is it like to play back home, in England?

Bucket: Hot and cold. Most people there have also forgotten about Ska music although there is a comeback this year (2010) for The Specials and so hopefully that will improve the situation. We get back there about twice a year.

CZB: What is the strangest crowd you’ve played to?

Bucket: Siberia. They didn’t have a clue about the music or what to do. They are still locked into the 1960 cold war mentality there. It’s all very strange.

CZB: Did you shed a tear for Princess Di?

Bucket: No. I’m sure she didn’t give a crap about me either. Too bad Prince Charles and his parents weren’t in the car at the same time. Along with his brothers, sisters, aunts uncles and the whole extended royal family. The hell with those people.

CZB: Where were you when the 9/11 tragedy took place and what did you feel when you found out what was happening?

Bucket: I was in the New York area. I saw the towers burning. It was a very sad day for New York and America, especially now, since it looks like the US government is implicated.

CZB: What is your opinion of the election of the first colored US President? Has this changed racist attitudes there in any way or should we simply expect a Hispanic President soon to follow because of their growing ethnic population?

Bucket: It was great. Too bad he doesn’t have enough support in his own party to enact the change that the electorate mandated him for. There are plenty of people for sure who can’t stand a black president in power. That’s probably why they tried to kill him with swine flu in Mexico. Sooner or later there must be a Hispanic president as well. The (US) population will be 50% Hispanic by 2050.








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