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Vengince. Relentless

Publicat in: 29.11.2012, 06:47AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: A Turn For The Worst, Go Down Believing Agency, Relentless, Vengince
Vengince. Relentless

Since the bands 1994 inception, Vengince has released two albums, and an assortment of demos. Vengince has grown in leaps and bounds from their beginnings, having completed two European tours as main support to Stuck Mojo/ Ektomorf, and then Pro-Pain. Vengince also performed at the Rockstar Mayhem Festival and the world’s largerst body art and tattoo festival and done 3 D.I.Y – U.S. tours.

Vengince has sold over 10,000 albums in the last few years, including over 2,000 copies on their last two European Tours alone. The new album, A TURN FOR THE WORST includes some of Vengince’s best material to date, and also best production to date. The producer was Juan Urteaga of Trident Studios (Testament, Exodus, Ted Nugent, Nightranger, Machine Head).
The band is sponsored and endorsed by Jagermeister Music, Axis Percussion, Distilled Entertainment, Black Market Art Company, Dirtbag Clothing, Felony Fights, Wired Energy Drinks, Fuze Drinks, Smokeclear, Dankreations and Union Tattoo.

RiCo for CZB: So, you’re Vengince, from Oakland, California, and you started out in '94.

Relentless (Vengince): Yeah, but the band got more serious in 1997, when we put out our first demo CD in America, through Visceral Productions and Relapse Records and then in 1998 we put out another CD, after which we started getting together more permanent members, Dave Man on lead guitar in 1999 and we’ve created our more original sound since 1999 and most of our notable songs have been written after that.


CZB: What do you play?

Relentless (Vengince): It’s basically a mix of Thrash, Heavy Metal and Hardcore, which is pretty modernized music. Father here is on keyboards and he works with the sampler. He also has a job and also makes special effect sounds for us, which is cool. We also have two seven-sting guitars and we tune really low, so it’s a very heavy sound … we tune to a low A all the way across … and we also have a bass, lead vocals and drums. Tonight we’re playing our new album, A Turn For The Worst, which has just been released a few weeks ago and we are supporting that on this tour with Pro-Pain and we’re going to play a lot of new songs from that album too.


CZB: How did you get to do Europe with Pro-Pain?

Relentless (Vengince): The back story is that we did a Tour with Stuck Mojo and Ektomorf and the tour went very well for us, we sold a lot of CD’s and we got some attention from Go Down Believing Agency, which is the same agency as Pro-Pain for booking and we offered to support them on last year’s tour and they decided to pick us and take us with them and we did about 25 shows in Europe last year about this time and in the meantime we came home and wrote a new record and now we’re back, with our first tour on the new album. We knew Pro-Pain from last time and this time they had the opportunity to take a band with them, they chose us, so we’re back here again, rockin’ out in Europe.


CZB: I don’t know how to ask this, I’m just curious, are you getting a percentage of ticket sales?

Relentless (Vengince): Oh, this is more of a promotional thing for us, so merchandise is how we’re going to make our money here and this is our third European tour.


CZB: You’ve been to Hungary before with Ectomorf?

Relentless (Vengince): Yeah, we played Budapest on a ship, the A38 and it was great. It was packed. A lot of people came to that show.


CZB: What’s the largest festival you’ve been to so far?

Relentless (Vengince): The Mayhem Festival. In America, we played with Slipknot and there were like 12,000 people there. There were two stages. Machinehead were on our stage, and that was through Jager Music. In America, Jagermeister sponsored us very heavily. They have a large music program across America and they do a lot of stuff. They helped us with some shows, the promotion of our merchandise and things like that and they do a lot of advertising. In Europe we haven’t played super big festivals yet. We think that maybe next time around we’ll try that. We’re trying to gain respect in the club scene before we get into the festival circuits. This year we have planned 75 shows throughout Europe as supporting act for either Stuck Mojo, Pro-Pain or Ektomorf and we feel that we’re going to be able to gather a large fan-base for the bigger shows that may follow. So we’re definitely interested in coming back and doing some big shows.


CZB: What’s the time frame for these 75 shows?

Relentless (Vengince): A little under a year and a half in Europe. We also did a Western US Tour last Summer as well. We’re definitely working at our new album, trying to get it across to people. It’s been going great so far. We’ve been having really good shows with Pro-Pain.


CZB: Are you living off of the club circuit and your music.

Relentless (Vengince): We are when we’re on the road but we definitely have to make some other income. When you stay on the road it’s easier. It’s a real hard struggle.


CZB: So, basically you’re on the road most of the time?

Relentless (Vengince): (two other band members, present in the background, can be heard saying Yeah) Yeah, pretty much. It’s a struggle, but the band is getting bigger each day, so some day we are hoping that we can make this a permanent income reality.



Interview by: RiCo

First posted on 9.OCT.2009

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