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Watch My Dying. Sándor Bori. HU

Publicat in: 22.11.2012, 06:22AM
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Etichete: Eszenyi Imre, Esztergom, Fényérzékeny. Moebius, Fleshmagnet, Garcia David, Húsmágnes, Hungary, Klausztrofónia, Rendszerhiba, Sándor Bori, Veres Gábor
Watch My Dying. Sándor Bori. HU

Watch My Dying was founded in 1999 in Esztergom, Hungary. They want to combine modern death/thrash metal with progressive elements.

They have had shows with Meshuggah, Opeth, Cradle Of Filth, Katatonia, Apocalyptica, Moonspell, Testament, My Dying Bride, Korpiklaani, Cadaveres (De Tortugas), Ektomorf and many others.

With an average of 40 shows a year, they play constantly in Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania and Austria.

They have organized four Watch My Dying (WMD) Days (a two-day metal camp near Budapest, 2006 – 2009)

2008. August. Watch My Dying was invited in the MTV Icon Tankcsapda cover show Special with two songs (Tankcsapda is the biggest rock band in Hungary). They played in front of six thousand people at Siófok (Balaton Lake).

Watch My Dying is a really interesting band from Hungary. It is always nice to find bands that step out of the ordinary with the style that they try to promote. The mix is incredible and the frequency with which you listen to their albums increases with every song that sooths your brain. There is no middle way with WMD, either you like it or you don’t; the same feeling is present with every metal band that promotes out of the ordinary music. If you call yourself a fan of experimental feelings in metal, WMD is a must.


Sir Olaf Pol (from CZB) did the Watch My Dying INTERVIEW with guitar player and main song writer for WMD, Bori Sándor

Sir Olaf Pol: First time over here, how do the fans seem to react to your music?

Sándor Bori (Watch My Dying): I think it was a very good show, now we are playing in Romania three shows, and this was the last and the best.

Sir Olaf Pol: Do you think that the lack of public influenced your show?

Sándor Bori (Watch My Dying): It doesn’t matter how many people are in the crowd. If there are people who want to listen to our music we will play at our full capacity.

Sir Olaf Pol: Your name seems like it is incomplete, watch my dying... what?

Sándor Bori (Watch My Dying): Correctly it would be watch me dying (laughs) but for me personally it means watch me living / watch my living (laughs). 

We are not depressive guys.

Sir Olaf Pol: Even though the last album was called Sensitive to light – Fényérzékeny – if you translate the title into English.

Sándor Bori (Watch My Dying): Yes but WMD for me is like a mirror for the people. There are a lot of problems in this world. We try to reflect our cynical view on this world through our music.

Sir Olaf Pol: Sharing a stage with Cadaveres, a band with a totally different sound, how do you see this experience?

Sándor Bori (Watch My Dying): We've known each other for a long time. We played a lot of shows together. We are good friends. I think we are a good combination for a show, because of our different characteristics. We play more progressive, more technical tunes where they are more aggressive or brutal.

Sir Olaf Pol: The musical style of WMD has a really interesting mix, you can find similar tunes in Meshuggah, Protest the Hero, Mnemic and even blasting found in black metal. What would be your main inspiration when it comes to music?

Sándor Bori (Watch My Dying): Main inspiration comes from inside because, mostly, I write the songs, but I do not listen to metal music. Some people come up to me and say that is sounds like Nevermore or Meshuggah – of course I heard of Meshuggah (laughs) - but I do not know who these bands are, I admit that we have small influences from Meshuggah, but personally I listen more to Electronic music, Jazz or Pop

Sir Olaf Pol: How does it feel to be a guitarist in a metal band and not listen to metal?

Sándor Bori (Watch My Dying): Playing metal I like, listening to it not so much, because it is so loud. Our own volume is more than enough. For example I tried listening to the last Meshuggah album, and after 2 songs I had enough because it was too loud.

Sir Olaf Pol: How do you think that Mobius was received from the public’s point of view?

Sándor Bori (Watch My Dying): I think it better received then our previous album, which was a bit to much to take for our listeners. The 2nd album was recorded in Hungary, but it was mixed by Jocke Skog  from …. (starts laughing) which band was this I do not remember, because I do not know this band of course (still laughing) – he later told me that it was Clawfinger – and the sound was too much northern European. Moebius, which was produced entirely in Hungary, is much more melodic and it was much friendlier and people seem to like it more.

Sir Olaf Pol: Do you think that the promotion of Mobius was not the best? For example the album is not even present on your site in the discography section.

Sándor Bori (Watch My Dying): Oh really - I did not know that, thank you for informing me about this we will have this corrected as soon as possible.

Sir Olaf Pol: Do you think that because the songs are in Hungarian your potential listeners are reduced because they do not know the lyrics or understand them?

Sándor Bori (Watch My Dying): It is a big issue always with us, we prefer our language, and our fans are mostly Hungarian and not so many foreigners. Even though I know we have good lyrics, and it has a much bigger impact for the whole picture if they are written and sung in Hungarian and of course if you understand them directly from the Hungarian language. Lyrics are important but if you do not speak Hungarian the impact is not the same. We always talk about this. Should we write the song in English, should we write the songs in both languages? Until now we decided we are not going to do it.

Sir Olaf Pol: Seeing the potential that WMD has, how come the band is not that well known? Is it a matter of promotion?

Sándor Bori (Watch My Dying): We are now on a European Tour, we are going to Germany and next to London, and we will see how the English public will receive us. In Austria for example people are glad that we keep the lyrics in Hungarian, the show is also very energetic and frantic, and so it makes no difference to them. We will see now how the people from England will react. If we will see that this is an issue we will try perhaps writing some songs in English. But is really hard to share the feeling, because Gabor – lead singer and text writer – has his special humor and wordplays that he does in Hungarian and it is pretty impossible to translate.

Sir Olaf Pol: I heard there is a festival in Hungary called Watch My Dying?

Sándor Bori (Watch My Dying): Yes we have our own festival. With biggest fans from Hungary, and we party for two days, and the fans can hang out with us and cook and play concerts in the evening. We have special guest playing, like Cadaveres. In general we have four or five concerts per night. In the last year we held a competition for new bands and the winner could play some show with us in other cities in Hungary.

Sir Olaf Pol: What are the main goals of the band?

Sándor Bori (Watch My Dying): To stay friends and play. We will see what happens, we play because we like to play, we like music. For me it is the pleasure of hanging out with my friends and playing.

Sir Olaf Pol: Thank you for your time. Hopefully you will visit Romania soon.

Sándor Bori (Watch My Dying): Thank you as well, we hope to come back also because we had a lot of fun in Romania.

Interview by: Sir Olaf Pol

First posted on 2.MAY.2010 


  • Veres Gábor – vocal
  • Eszenyi Imre – bass
  • Bori Sándor – guitar
  • Garcia David – drums

Albums (self produced)

  • Rendszerhiba (EP, 2000)
  • Húsmágnes (EP, 2002)
  • Fleshmagnet (EP, 2003)
  • Klausztrofónia (LP, 2004)
  • Claustrophony (split EP, 2005)
  • Fényérzékeny (LP, 2006)
  • Moebius (2009)
  • -1 (EP, 2009)



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