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Chew Lips. Tigs

Publicat in: 11.10.2012, 09:00AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Chew Lips. Tigs

Formed in London as a 3 piece band in the summer of 2008, Tigs (Alicia Huertas), James (Watkins) and Will (Sanderson) set about establishing Chew Lips as one of the most exciting new electro-pop acts.

Chew Lips initially came onto the scene in 2009 with the release of their singles Solo and Salt Air on French label Kitsuné, and at that time you couldn’t walk through a club/festival/mixtape without hearing either of the tracks. 


Chew Lips are playing for the first time in Romania this weekend,

Saturday 13 October @ the Boiler Club in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Friday 12 October @ Control Club, Bucharest


RiCo (CZB): You started out as a three piece band in 2008… why did Will Sanderson (aka Gwaiiu) leave the band?

Tigs (Chew Lips): Gwaiiu?! He left because we told him too. It is hard being in a band when you have personalities that don't match. James and I started the band and wrote the songs so it didn't matter that we wanted Will to leave.


CZB: Which one of you read Bortal Boy by Brendan Behan and is there more of a meaning behind choosing Chewlips to name a band?

Tigs (Chew Lips): James read the book and suggested the name. It seemed very pleasing. 

It's silly and sexy and druggy and strange. 

We like it.


CZB: Your family name is Huertas. What is the origin of the name?

Tigs (Chew Lips): My father is Spanish, that is where the name is from.


CZB: You've recently played at the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg. How do you consider this festival different from others that you've played at?

Tigs (Chew Lips): The main difference is that it is a city festival. There are others like this around the world, in fact we have a similar one in London, but that makes it very different from wondering around a big outdoor festival. You have to choose what to see instead of just stumbling upon a band by chance. 

Yes, we were excited to go to Hamburg for the first time. It really is a city of sin.


CZB: What's your poison?

Tigs (Chew Lips): Don't ask.


CZB: What was it like being a new act and opening for The Killers in Hyde Park in front of 20,000 people …how many gigs had Chew Lips had before that?

Tigs (Chew Lips): Looking back, it was completely crazy. An incredible opportunity. We had been together for less than a year then.


CZB: Why do you consider people in Britain don't dance much at shows?

Tigs (Chew Lips): Some people do but in London they don't really. It's just a case of market saturation - we are spoilt for music so it has become less impressive. Also London people want to look COOL and they don't realize that enjoying yourself IS cool.


CZB: In what ways do you consider you as an Indie artist made a compromise by signing over your sophomore material with Sony Music?

Tigs (Chew Lips): I never thought of Chew Lips as an indie band. I think we've always made pop songs, slightly alternative pop songs, but now we have a bigger chance of more people hearing them.


CZB: Are you looking forward to playing in Transylvania for the first time and will you be bringing along candles that remind you of the smell of home?

Tigs (Chew Lips): We are flying in and out, so we'll only be away from home for a few days. I only take a candle if we go on tour.


CZB: How old were you and do you remember what you were doing and how you felt when Princess Di died?

Tigs (Chew Lips): I remember roughly... I was a child and I remember not caring very much. I watched the funeral on television and my mother cried, I remember that. It was weird.


Our thanks going out to artist Tigs from Chew Lips, booking manager 

Edmond Lenarth from the Boiler Club/Cluj-Napoca and band manager 

Steve Roberts from ATC Management for making this interview possible.


Chew Lips are:

  • Tigs (singer)
  • James Watkins (multi-instrumentalist)




Chew Lips. Hurricane

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