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TINI. INTERVIEW. The Romania Weekend

Publicat in: 05.10.2012, 10:08AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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TINI. INTERVIEW. The Romania Weekend

It took tINI only a few years of playing in clubs to become one of Germany’s most highly acclaimed female artists in techno and house music. Her debut artist album was released on her label homebase Desolat exactly one year ago, in 2011.


RiCo (CZB): Have you ever gigged at a free beach event before? How do you consider this summer's weekly Wednesday evening in Ibiza has helped you gain experience for your artist career?

tINI: Yes. I started with the "tINI and the gang" already in 2010. That year we had our partys at the OLD Ushuaia, which is now La Plage, in Ibiza. I already had some amazing moments there, but this year has been incredible. I am very happy about my little party that grew so fast during this summer!


CZB: How do you consider the Free Beach crowd was different from a paying Pool Party crowd and would you like doing this again?

tINI: I can't wait to do this again next year! The crowd is one reason. We had such good people coming every week; they were open minded music lovers and were treating each other so well, we had not even one security person at my party, I think that says quite a lot about the people. It was a good mixture of countries, a lot of English, Italian and Spanish people, from all over the world actually!

...and a lot of girls!


CZB: Why did you choose the ironic It Could Be Worse title for your weekly radio show on Ibiza Global Radio last summer?

tINI: It's a tattoo that i have on my leg, it's my philosophy. It makes life so much easier. Even if the worst things are happening to you, if you don't forget, that it could have been worse, you are always on the sunny side of life. 


CZB: What did Tessa say when she found out you named your debut album after her?

tINI: She cried!


CZB: Is there an interesting story linked to your parents choosing to name you Tini

tINI: Actually my real name is Sonja - Bettina. But no one, not even my parents ever called me like this, since I am born, everyone called me Tini, even at school. The small "t" is a must for the sake of looks. I love how it looks tINI - much nicer to look at, than Tini, no?

I was at an art school, and I worked a lot with typos, so maybe that's why? I just love it.


CZB: You grew up in Munich. Why did you decide to move to Berlin and how would you compare Munich to Berlin?

tINI: Inbetween I lived in Hamburg, too. I think it's important to live in different cities, if you have the choice. I really love Munich, but it became too small for me; I wanted more. It's hard to compare the cities, each city has amazing things and boring things, reasons to stay and reasons to leave again...

My next step this year is moving to New York!


CZB: What was the best piece of advice Loco Dice gave you after signing to Desolat?

tINI: Be true to yourself & don't talk too much.


CZB: Why do you consider there is still a relatively small number of active female DJs in clubs?

tINI: I have the feeling that a lot of girls still are afraid to go out and show their skills! But no need to be shy! And lately more and more amazing female DJs prove that talent has nothing to do with if you are a man or a woman!


CZB: In what ways do you consider yourself a pioneer or role model for future female DJs?

tINI: Both would be great! I love to support others, upcoming producers or DJs, I did this already in my radio show and my "tINI and the gang" parties. I would be glad to become a pioneer & role model, working on that right now!


CZB: What were you doing when you found out about Michael Jackson's death and how did you feel about that?

tINI: I don't remember what I was doing to be honest with you, but I remember that I felt very sad about that loss, but at the same time, it might have been better for him in this world that he lived. 

He seemed so unhappy …but what a brilliant musician - sad story!

And interesting-weird last interview question :)


E-mail interview conceived by: RiCo





  • tINI is doing a DJ Set Friday, October 5th in Club Midi Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
  • and A Desolat Bucharest is on the next day, October 6th at the Sala Polivalenta in Bucharest, Romania.


tINI has had lots going on last summer (2012), notably she has been hosting her own free weekly party called ‘tINI and the gang’ in Ibiza every Wednesday. She also has a weekly radio show on Ibiza Global RadioIt Could Be Worse is broadcast live each and every Thursday from 18:00 - 19:00 (GMT +1) 


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