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21 Stories (punk, Austria)

Publicat in: 04.10.2012, 06:09AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: 21 Stories, Amstetten, Arena Wien, Austria, Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung, Hms 42, Money, Punk-rock, The Burning Moleman, Voda, Zeitgeist
21 Stories (punk, Austria)

Continuously searching for the complete truth, 21 stories confronts their audience with a slamming mixture of punk-rock, ska, skatepunk and classic old school elements. Aside from their politically and socially charged songs, the band also offers “don’t give a fuck” infused tracks and party songs that will convince you that this band is playing as if it’s their last night on stage

The ideas that form the scene they are a part of, is a scene built by those who speak against commercial fads, those who raise their voices against dishonest behavior and step in for anything worth stepping on.

The band has already shared the stage with such names as Far From Finished (USA), the legendary U.S. Bombs (USA), The Grit (UK), Donots (GER), Delinquent Habits (US), Fahnenflucht (GER) and many more.

CZB: Austria. Land of Jazz and Classical music. How many clubs are there in Austria where your style of music is promoted?

Peda (21 Stories): Well, it’s hard to find good clubs for punk-rock on the countryside, so playing in bigger cities like Vienna makes it much more easier for bands like us in Austria. There are many places like the famous “Arena“, the “Viper Room“, in which we will play in 2 weeks with the legendary US Bombs, by the way, and some more. But basically you can say that such styles as punk-rock, streetpunk, psychobilly, hardcore … have their places in the underground-scene.

CZB: Where are you from in Austria? Did you move to a big city or are you still based where your roots come from?

Peda (21 Stories): We all are from Amstetten, a small town, about 100 km away from Vienna. here’s also the base from our band, but 3 of us are students and are currently living in Vienna.

CZB: When you say Stories, do you mean the height of a building or different happenings with a final moral? …and why 21? are you referring to the age of complete adult responsibility within the society we’ve inherited from our parents?

Peda (21 Stories): Seeing 21 as a referring to the age of complete adult responsibility is a very interesting point of view, we’ve never seen it like this, but being honest: basically “21” and “Stories” are just words that sound nice, we thought.

But it’s also about the stories we want to tell in our songs – things which happen to all of us, things which are everybody’s business, things everybody in the world can identify with.

CZB: Could you be parents? What would basic moral principles be in your household? Would you let your children go to school?

Peda (21 Stories): Wow, being parents…hmmm I’d say “yes, maybe”, in 10 years, but not now…but there are definitely moral principles which I would teach my kids, such as respect and tolerance. I would not want my kids to turn out to be a dumb redneck, a nazi, or just an intolerant asshole.

Of course they should attend school. Eductaion is important to our future. I know from my own experience that school isn’t always funny – but without education, without a degree or when you just break up school, you have nothing and then it will be hard – and I would want my kids to have the possibility to go to university too, if they want it or to do with their lives whatever they want and have the chances to do so.

CZB: Have you watched Voda/Water – ZeitgeistAvatar and do you think our civilization has any chance of saving itself in the 12th hour?

Peda (21 Stories): I’ve seen Avatar and for me it’s like a mirror of the society we are living in – right now! – on the razor-edge, but we continue destroying our planet for – for what? For money, which isn’t more than a paper with numbers on it??? it’s unfair on the following generations. Although we know it’s wrong and we really would need to turn back, there are still enough people who think cash is more important than life! When you’re dead, you’re dead, not rich! No matter how much money you’ve had alive, you can’t take it with you. So I think there’s a general grievance in the behavior of mankind. for saving ourselves, there must be a radical change: politically and morally.

CZB: What radio stations do you listen to in Austria and what do you think of the Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung?

Peda (21 Stories): We don’t really listen to the radio, actually no one who gives a shit about music (whatever genre it may be) listens to radio anymore. In Austria there are some radio stations and all in all, they play the same 20 pop songs – day in – day out – and that sucks. When it comes to EAV: WE LOVE THEM! I think everybody in Austria loves them, and the best way to love them is drunk; they made some awesome party records.

But how the hell do you know these guys :O ???

CZB: How did you 5 meet – who had the idea of starting the band; do you have the same line-up from the beginning?

Peda (21 Stories): I decided to make music at the age of 13 or 14 together with a friend of mine (our first drummer). One year later we played our first official show with Andi on bass and Matl on 2nd guitar. so Peda, Andi and Matl are from the original line-up from 2005, the year of our official beginnings. There were several line-up-changes on the drums and the vocals and in 2008 we became “21 STORIES“. now we are Peda (21), Andi (22), Matl (24), Jürgen (24) and Klaus (19).

CZB: What is it like playing in Hungary as Austrians? Do you feel any attachment to the former Austro-Hungarian empire? Do you feel a certain favoritism shown by Hungarians towards Austrian tourists when you travel there?

Peda (21 Stories): Playing in Hungary as Austrians is cool, cause people are much more enthusiastic than in Austria. I don’t know if it has to do with the former empire but as far as I experienced the country, the people are very kind to bands touring through the country, as also other bands told me. We are really looking forward to our next show there, it will be one day after our show in Cluj-Napoca; we will play in Györ and we will come back anytime, promise!

CZB: Is there a Global Battle of the Bands contest in Austria and have you participated?

Peda (21 Stories): There are several battle of the bands in Austria, local and country-wide, maybe you know the Emergenza contest, which also takes place in other countries.

When we were younger, we participated and even won a first place in an audience-voting (I think it was in 2005) but now we don’t play battle of the bands any more, we have the chance to play our own shows or with other bands from other countries and even tour through other countries. But all in all, battle of the bands gives young bands the chance to present their music to a bigger audience and can help to get experience and contacts. So it’s a good thing.

CZB: Do you play in German, English, or a mix and do you think its important to sing in German to Austrian kids in 2010?

Peda (21 Stories): We basically sing in English, but we also have two songs in German, which are on our last release HMS 42 The Burning Moleman EP, probably the world’s very first Double-EP ever. i don’t think we will make any more songs in German, cause we want to bring our attitude, our thoughts and opinions to the whole world. We use English very often in our daily life, for example at university, and we have a lot of friends from other countries worldwide, so it’s important for us that they understand us, too. Now we are in 2010 and we are living in a globalised world and English is a language with which you can communicate with almost everybody in the world.

Thanks for having us and “don’t stroke burning dogs

Interview by: RiCo

First posted on 1.NOV.2010


21 Stories are:

  • Jurgen (singer)
  • Andi (bass)
  • Peda (guitar)
  • Matl (guitar)
  • Klaus (drums)


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