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Ronnie James Dio

Publicat in: 26.07.2012, 06:05AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Ronnie James Dio

Ronnie James Dio (or, Ronald Padavona) played in Romania more than a decade ago, on September 21st, 1998. I talked to him before the concert in Bucharest. Here are the questions I managed to ask him. 

Sorry, most of them were related to the Black Sabbath years.

Ronnie James Dio

(JULY 10 1942 – MAY 16 2010)

CZB: What did you tell people who thought Black Sabbath was a Satanic Cult Band?

Dio: Well, I told them the truth. I told them that it wasn’t. That was something that was created by people who wanted it to seem that way. When you have a name like Black Sabbath, people tend to think it’s very dark. If you listen to the music, you’ll find that mainly it speaks about warnings about evil, telling you: Beware of Evil!

It’s not telling you to BE evil or to go out and practice evil.

CZB: How did your upbringing influence your music?

Dio: It’s given me a lot of subject matter; it’s given me a lot to talk about, because I firmly believe that the way the Roman Catholic Church teaches their young people is the wrong way. They teach by fear – To Fear God. There’s a song we (Dio) do  in which we say that it’s not the way to be taught: Jesus, Mary and the Holy Ghost (from Angry Machines), which is about how I grew up. It tells my feelings about the Church, telling you that THIS is God and he’s nailed to a piece of wood … and this is His mother and she’s a piece of stone and has no eyes … and The Holy Ghost … there’s a HOLY Ghost … there is no such thing. The idea scared me!

When we say ROCK … I can only talk about the kind of music that we make which is HEAVY METAL, and I think it’s been in a crisis for quite a while now and I feel, and from what I’ve seen in the last two years (1997-1999) the people that are coming to the show WANT to hear THIS music.

People in general want to listen to something new. That is how they got into Rap and Techno.

CZB: Best memories.

Dio: The making of and the Tour for the Heaven and Hell project. It was a time whenBlack Sabbath had not been successful for four years, after two poor albums. It took us one and a half years to put it together. Tony Iommi is the inventor of the Heavy Metal guitar. He invented what we do today. Tony was very different from Richie Blackmore. He was more of a friend. We were really close

CZB: Where did the name Rainbow come from?

Dio: There was an Elf song, Rainbows. I have an affinity for Rainbows. Rainbows are so special, because they are made from something much stronger than us and it’s there for all of us to see … the beauty of a Rainbow. Everyone who sees a Rainbow goes WOW!. It’s so special to me, it almost says LIFE. I purposely planned to have the word Rainbow on every album I made, except the Dehumaniser album I made for Black Sabbath(1992) … and Anger Machines (Dio, 1996). I’ve gone to Rainbow Rehab.

Elf and Deep Purple did a show together in California and there was a huge rainbow behind the stage. Richie Blackmore was playing, and the audience was looking at the rainbow … then there was a club in L.A. The Rainbow. From those two places came the band name.

CZB: How is your relationship with Ozzy?

Dio: My relationship with Ozzy was obviously better when I was not with Black Sabbath. I think Ozzy was very hurt for being replaced by someone but I did not ask to work with Black Sabbath. They asked me. They told Ozzy to leave. Who do you blame? The person that takes your place.

CZB: What did you know about Romania, prior to coming here?

Dio: People in Eastern Europe are the largest Rainbow fan audience. Thank you!



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Interview conceived by RiCo for CZB.ro

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