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ErbNdub (dnb DJ, UK)

Publicat in: 05.07.2012, 06:38AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Dnb, Drum Addict, Drum N Bass, Erbndub, Fire Burn, Harry Shotta, Navigator, Prodigy, Tony Anthem
ErbNdub (dnb DJ, UK)

Coming from an original Jazz/D&B drumming background ‘erbNdub’ often goes back to his roots as a drummer. ‘erbNdub’ also works under the alias ‘Drum Addict’.

As a rising name, following some key releases, ‘erbNdub’ sports an innovative DJ style fortified with the freshest tracks and scratch skills to match, being in his element whenever he performs live. ‘erb N dub’ has played many international dates including America, Canada, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Russia, France, and of course, all over the UK. His fan base is growing stronger every day.

erb N dub’ is working hard in the studio releasing tracks on a monthly basis and has radio support from BBC Radio One, among others.

When not performing or in the studio ‘erb N dub’ and „Uncontrollable” Harry Shotta run ‘Universal Youth Workshops’, a charity that teaches the musically talented youth of the UK. ‘erb N dub’ has won national awards for his youth program that continues to go from strength to strength.

Here’s the Interview:

CZB: You tend to hide your face in photos. Would you have wanted to remain a face in the crowd with standout tracks?

erbNdub: Ha Ha…. I think you mean my picture in the latest flyers… They were taken at the video shoot for Fire Burn… to be honest I was freezing that day. I am never shy when I perform! I’m in my element!

CZB: You started out as a drummer. When did the passion for the rhythms start?

erbNdub: Since I was 12 I have been experimenting with all types of music… Drums are my passion so it was a natural progression into DNB.

CZB: Were you a drummer for certain bands, can you name a few and the years you rocked?

erbNdub: Yes I played in many bands.

One with Harry Shotta as the front man. We both finished University and spent two great years playing venues and festivals across the UK.

CZB: What impact did the Prodigy have on you? When did you change rhythms to Jungle?

erbNdubProdigy are a massive influence on me and most British dance producers. We wouldn’t be where we are without them!!! I started producing in 2003 and had my first release in 2005.

CZB: You have a Live Act you beat the drums for. What are the band members names and do you have a website for this project?

erbNdubNavigatorTony Anthem and myself are currently in talks for our live group. We have many tracks being finished … with massive scope to take it live. Both Navigator and I come from a live background. Its second nature to go live! At present we do not have a web site… You can always contact us on Facebook and MySpace!

CZB: How did your DJ career start? Simply by fooling around with turntables, or was is something you studied and watched over someones shoulder to pick up on tips and touches?

erbNdub: I started DJing in 2002. In my live bands we had DJ sets before and after. I had to teach myself the basics of scratching before mixing. As a drummer it really interested me.

CZB: Who is MC Navigator and how did you two get together? How long do you see this as a working relationship?

erbNdubNavigator has been making music for longer than I’ve been alive. He’s been in groups such as  – The FreestylersAsian Dub Foundation and many more… Just type MC Navigator in Google and your see how big he is. He was one of the first and biggest MCs when Jungle started. Great guy to work with!

CZB: Who is “Uncontrollable” Harry Shotta, why is he Uncontrollable – and how did you meet?

erbNdubHarry Shotta is an award winning artist. He’s def in the top ten of DNB MCs in the world. I might even say top 3 ;) I met Shotta at school. We have been friends for over 15 years. Friends for life.

CZB: What chances do you think you have of becoming Best Breakthrough DJ at the 4th national Drum’n'Bass Awards in Birmingham, England on February 27th, the night you play in Cluj, Romania?

erbNdub: I won’t win it. I’m still building my career. (If I did, one of UNCZ could acccept if for me … lol) Seriously, it would be great, but I know I’m not at that stage of my career yet. (Even though these are very exciting times for me).

CZB: I was looking for Universal Workshops on the internet, but couldn’t find the exact website. What is this about? Helping the talented who can’t afford a proper music education?

erbNdub: I/we run music workshops for deprived youth (Free of Charge) to help keep them away from, drugs, crime and off the streets. We have an amazing studio we teach from in London. I will always teach no matter how big I get.

CZB: When did you get the idea for the Charity and what awards have you received for your efforts?

erbNdub: I was approached by the local government to start the programme. They saw the good things I was doing in music and asked me to get involved. I then sat with a college and wrote a youth programme. It’s such a great achievement for me!

CZB: Where do you see yourself as an artist and as a social player in the next few years to come?

erbNdub: I see my self continuing working with Tony AnthemNavigator and SMK. Building our ‘Bad Monkey’ & ‘F Troop’ brand and pushing music as far as I can take it. 2010 is just the beginning!!!



erbNdub performed Live with MC Navigator

in CLUJ @ Club Midi / Sat. Feb. 27, 2010

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