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Kemuel Roig

Publicat in: 16.03.2020, 06:44AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Kemuel RoigKemuel Roig is a perfect blend of virtuosity and musicality, a truly gifted pianist, improviser and composer. Possessing a serious command of the piano, he plays with fire, emotion and energy - yet always projects a mature sense of musicality and taste.  A modernist deeply tied to the jazz tradition, Kemuel has developed his own unique sound and approach as a pianist and composer, combining elements of traditional and modern jazz, post modern Cuban and Afro - Cuban influences.

Further infos : 
Website : www.kemuelroig.com
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/kemuelpiano
YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/kemuelroigofficial
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/kemuelroigofficial

"I have had the privilege and honor to have Kemuel Roig in my band for quite a number of years. I have witnessed his constant desire for progress and his commitment and joy for music, Kemuel is an incredible musician, he is blessed by God with an amazing musicianship! I enjoy so much his playing on every performance that we do. It's a real joy to listen to him playing on so many different style with absolute authenticity. May God bless us to keep enjoying your music and company for years to come!” - Arturo Sandoval

Booking contact : worldvisionbooking@gmail.com

On Tour (Europe) : 
October, November 2020

Line up :
Kemuel Roig - piano
Available projects : Solo Piano / Kemuel Roig Trio and Quartet

Born December 18, 1988 in Camaguey, Cuba. Kemuel Roig started his interest in music at the early age of four. During his High School years had the opportunity to study classical piano with Mrs. Martha Cortina. Later, at the age of sixteen became a student of Miami Dade College, where studied Jazz music under the supervision of Dr. Michael Di Liddo, and Michael Gerber. At the age of 18 he was invited with the MDC Hard Bop Ensemble to be part of the Umbria Jazz Festival in Italy. The next year, with the same group, Kemuel won a DownBeat Magazine Anual Student Competition under two categories, outstanding composition and piano solo. Kemuel has performed in tours, produced, and participated in recordings with great figures of the music such as Arturo Sandoval, Al Di Meola, Giovanni Hidalgo, Chris Dingman, Issac Delgado among others. Kemuel achieved his Bachelor's Degree at Florida International University, where he studied classical piano with Kemal Gekic, and Jazz with Dr. Michael Orta, and Dr. Gary Campbell. In 2015 achieved a Master's Degree from the "Frost School of Music", University of Miami under the studies of Mr. Martin Bejerano and Dean Mr. Shelly Berg.
Kemuel Roig Quartet’s new album “Genesis" will be released in May 2020 featuring Chris Potter, Randy Bracker, Alain Perez, Julio Padron and Mercy Brass.

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