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Publicat in: 29.02.2020, 10:09AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Because of a total lack of talent in the band, Dubioza Kolektiv have been forced to turn to advanced automated and artificial artistic-intelligence powered solutions. This is why they created
ROBBY MEGABYTE - the first humanoid robot entertainment assistant, who helped them to record new songs for the BRAND NEW ALBUM - #fakenews - OUT TODAY!

“Take My Job Away” is Dubioza Kolektiv’s latest single and video from their new album, released worldwide by Menart Records.

Politically incorrect Balkan ska/punk outfit’s latest song features the first appearance of Robby Megabyte - humanoid entertainment assistant. With this latest technological innovation in the field of music industry, Dubioza Kolektiv tries to tackle a serious issue of acute lack of talent in the Balkan’s entertainment field that is caused by massive migration of talented musicians to Western Europe where they pursue more lucrative careers in non-entertainment construction sector.

"The last couple of months, we have been working very hard on the new songs with Robby Megabyte and we are very happy with the results of this ongoing experiment. Not only is he more reliable and hardworking than human counterparts, but he also displays amazing creative potential that is made possible by the state-of-the-art artistic processors and patented software solutions developed in laboratories of the Bosnian Institute for Artificial Intelligence. Also, his one of a kind integrated autotune voice processor is much more advanced and time-saving compared to other non-robotic singers available on the market today.” #fakenews is Dubioza Kolektiv’s new album, expressing their unique blend of righteous rage and love of life and humankind. 

The spread of online #fakenews over the years was the main inspiration for this album.

Besides Robby Megabyte, it features guest appearances by Manu Chao, Earl Sixteen from Dreadzone, Toma Feterman of Soviet Suprem and Mexican band Los de Abajo.

“In the age of fake news, clickbait journalism, propaganda and misinformation, it is difficult to distinguish the truth from lies. This is why our songs try to debunk and ridicule fake news: migrations and refugees are not part of a grand conspiracy, marijuana is not a getaway drug, robots will not take away our jobs and artificial intelligence will not take over the world anytime soon. What is more likely is that a lethal combination of politicians’ greed and climate change will make the Earth uninhabitable in not so distant future.”

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