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Etichete: Denny Zeitlin, Exploring Richard Rodgers, Piedmont Piano Company, Richard Rodgers, Solo Jazz Piano

Piedmont Piano Company Presents


Solo Jazz Piano


"Denny Zeitlin is a master of solo performance. His solo piano concerts are always memorable and not to be missed…"

  Doug Simpson, Audiophile Audition

An evening re-imagining unique compositions by
Richard Rodgers that have become standards
in the American Song Book

FRIDAY, December 13:
TWO shows-- 8:00 & 10:00 PM

Piedmont Piano Company, 1728 San Pablo Avenue ( at 18th Street), Oakland, CA
Admission $25
Reservations are strongly recommended.  Click HERE to purchase online, or phone 510-547-8188

for Denny Zeitlin's 2019 Solo Piano CD recorded at Piedmont Piano Company: "Remembering Miles"

"On Remembering Miles Denny Zeitlin takes all the measures of what makes pianism great and relocates them to another rarefied realm… There is nothing contrived or attention-seeking about his approach… His traversal of this music is instantly spellbinding for all the right reasons… Everywhere Mr. Zeitlin strikes a compelling balance between volatility and elegance, while maintaining the intuitive sensibility of a jazz artist." Raul da Gama, JazzdaGama

"...Remembering Miles represents the culmination of six decades of recorded jazz by Denny Zeitlin and you have to listen to it to truly understand how special it is in terms of the gift of the experience and genius that Denny brings to his music. Few pianists could have rendered the music of Miles Davis in a solo piano setting with such discrimination and heartfelt sincerity."  Steven Cerra, Jazzprofiles.blogspot

"… An extraordinary recording career that began in 1963…with [this 2019 CD] Zeitlin taking these selected tunes on--and interpreting liberally--with just his piano and his own idiosyncratic reimaginings, you get an essence of two souls… Zeitlin is always startlingly virtuosic, and he is blessed with freewheeling improvisational elasticity… One of the most compelling and beautiful albums of Denny Zeitlin's career." Dan McClenaghan, AllAboutJazz

"… Denny's solo piano approach here is more to use the songs almost like loose backdrops for sonic poetry--these incredibly complex lines on the piano that are at once free and melodic, modern and meaningful… The album is as revolutionary as anything the pianist recorde decades back…" DustyGroove

"… By the end of Zeitlin's recital, it is fair to marvel at the range of Davis's music, of course, but also at the versatility of this pianist, a master of so many styles and approaches… Denny Zeitlin is a musician who never got stuck in one way of approaching the art…" Will Layman, PopMatters

"… Doing more with a solo piano than anyone else can, Zeitlin serves as an explosive and revelatory meeting of the minds that finds the octogenarian playing with the verve and smarts of a 20-year-old with an old soul. Another in a series of penultimate dates from the master." Chris Spector, MidwestRecord

"… By reaping the best of both worlds and respecting Miles' original portrayals of his songs and moving them forward with imaginative, dynamically fresh takes, Denny Zeitlin pays ultimate homage to Miles Davis. The Prince of Darkness was a master at recognizing other people's good ideas and making them great; Zeitlin does the same while he's Remembering Miles."  S. Victor Aaron, SomethingElseReviews

"… Denny Zeitlin is a master. His love for this music comes shining through the notes he plays and how he rearranges the song so you hear them  anew… Splendid recording, sweet sound, and great music…"  Richard B. Kamins, StepTempest.blogspot

"Arriving on the jazz scene in the mid-60s while simultaneously practicing and teaching psychiatry, pianist Denny Zeitlin has consistently conducted his musical career on multiple tracks. He has played postbop as well as free improv, veered between electric and acoustic settings, drawn from classical composition and fusion, and played solo when he wasn't leading duos, trios, or larger ensembles...all those influences resonate through the music heard on Remembering Miles...it all adds up to an intriguing collection of Miles' musical stories, familiar but given refreshing new spins."  
Philip Booth, JazzTimes


"one of our most lyrical pianists, Denny Zeitlin delivers a tour de force solo performance, interpreting songs from the wide ranging Miles Davis songbook… Like his previous interpretation of Wayne Shorter material, this one's a real treat and a moving tribute to an artist that bridged     wide gaps..." 
 George W. Harris, JazzWeekly


"… Zeitlin's a master at reconstructing melody, mood, and movement, making a meal out of nuance in the great artists of the times-- himself included… Denny Zeitlin puts a lot of his own adventurous, thought-provoking spirit into each and every weird and wonderful note for quite a show, and quite an album." Carol Banks Weber, FestivalPeak


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