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NEW RELEASE. Stille Volk. Milharis

Publicat in: 27.05.2019, 06:05AM
Autor: Richard Constantinidi
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Etichete: Milharis, Prophecy Productions, Stille Volk
NEW RELEASE. Stille Volk. MilharisAuerbach Tonträger / Prophecy Productions is proud to announce a comprehensive partnership with French pagan folk stalwarts
Stille Volk!

Founded in 1994, and now with six albums under their belt, the band has established a style of acoustic music with occasionally opulent arrangements and a mystic, tribal atmosphere that invokes primal pagan nature. Each Stille Volk release is an impressive proof that hurdy-gurdy, nyckelharpa, bagpipes, bouzouki and traditional percussion can easily create the same sonic impact as electric guitars and drums. Now, 18 years after their first release with Prophecy (2001's "Satyre Cornu"), the band starts a long-term collaboration with the label to embrace bold new vistas.

In the year of their 25th anniversary, Stille Volk not only release their long-awaited seventh album, "Milharis" but also a comprehensive 7CD retrospection entitled "Los Cants De Pyrène: Two Decades Of Pagan Hymns And Ancient Lore". The large-sized artbook (28x28 cm, 60 pages) includes all studio recordings from 1994-2014 besides an in-depth biography, copious visual content and, for the first time ever, English translations of all song lyrics. Both "Milharis" and "Los Cants De Pyrène" will be out June 28th on Auerbach Tonträger.

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